Film Theory: Harry Potter, MORE VOLDEMORT than Voldemort!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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    Is the biggest Dark Lord in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter HIMSELF? When you look at the science of Horcrux soul splitting, Voldemort's plan starts to reveal some SHOCKING revelations about Harry's childhood, the battle against He Who Must Not Be Named, and the nature of Harry's soul. We're digging into Potter lore and doing some magic with numbers to find out who the DARKEST Lord actually is!

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  • Chloe Hoffman

    Chloe Hoffman

     2 years ago +18043

    omg the wand thing at the end killed me, because I was eating

  • Aman Khurana

    Aman Khurana

     56 minutes ago

    the python was a horcrux

  • VOx_ _Ama

    VOx_ _Ama

     an hour ago

    Ya it was grapefruit

  • peregrine2129


     9 hours ago

    you were right matpat it is grape fruit. Also Dumbledore says in order of the phoenix it could have been Nevile who was in harrys place.

  • SindryaX


     13 hours ago

    Btw Harry died and the Horcrux died away

  • Harri Kolehmainen

    Harri Kolehmainen

     21 hours ago

    Horcrux died when Harry died in the last film. (and was brought back to life). This theory, does not apply. Watch the last movie again, and read the books. Anything that was left (of Voldemort) on Harry, is gone after the last events (also "confirmed" because Harry did not sense anything evil after that). But I do like the theory, and I think that it would have given lot more to go forward in the story.

  • Galactic DragonFox

    Galactic DragonFox

     23 hours ago

    hE mAdE hArRy ThEoRiEs, AnD i NeVeR kNeW?!?!?!

  • Phillip Kilver

    Phillip Kilver


    857 hundredths? don't you mean thousandths? 8:57

  • Mopar_operator



    so something i dont think you took into account is how the horcoxs are used. He was resurrected in the goblet of fire but none of the horcoxs where destroyed to tap into the stashed away soul. Instead a new body was made for him and the new body was, well, Voldemort. The correct way to think of the Horcroxes as, is more akin to a cloud server. Something you can stash a little bit away in but still access remotely. Meaning his soul operates his body from the Horcox removing the need to "withdraw" a soul from a horcox and making it just a normal everyday magical item made by death itself. Instead i think when he made the horcroxs he did withdraw even proportions of his soul and put them with the horcroxs evenly since all the parts of the souls are able to operate the body as a whole remotely. This makes since since he can feel the horcoxs being destroyed and even reacts to and be aware of their destruction. This would also make since since the scene with harry in the train station with Dumbledore they see Voldemort looking deformed almost like he shrunk. after his soul was cut up so many time and redistributed each time there was probably missing peaces from each time he fractured it and that small bit we see is whats left. Almost like a broken plate, you can glue it back together but if you keep breaking it just to make each broken piece even your going to have gaps and missing pieces.

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    Hate to be that guy, but this is all in the books

  • Yahuahs child

    Yahuahs child

     2 days ago

    I fully agree. Harry is protrait as a messiah. A true messiah could have killed Voldemort with all hocruxes being still active. I mean even with Nagini being alive at the last hocrux, Voldemort had more power than Harry.

  • Justin Pangus

    Justin Pangus

     2 days ago

    no one knows how souls would work. you cant really physically see a soul it wold probly be 5% of the soul every horcrox

  • crystal nguyen

    crystal nguyen

     3 days ago

    u no they are taught arithmancy right?

  • Dalton Yarborough

    Dalton Yarborough

     3 days ago

    Aka "how to divide by two" by Film theory

  • Alex Alvarado

    Alex Alvarado

     3 days ago

    913453 = please

  • dana amadio

    dana amadio

     3 days ago

    Voldermorts best horcrux would be his nose

  • Jon Doe

    Jon Doe

     3 days ago

    yeah the percentage thing matters not. While it isn't the best explanation as far as splitting its not percentages... The horcruxes bound him to earth .even if it were percentages the books say this. As long as .78 percent is around it still ties Voldemort to life.

  • james hicks

    james hicks

     4 days ago

    yes you are

  • Devilikg


     4 days ago

    not really it could be a chunk

  • Aishi Tanaka

    Aishi Tanaka

     4 days ago

    *sips melk*holy shi-