All Dinosaurs Escape!!!! - Jurassic World Evolution part 05 (FINALE)

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Twitch: LP channel kid dreams of owning their own Dinosaur Theme Park one day. For Konoa this became a reality as he got access to a small island to plan out his Jurassic World Project. He would start out small with the cheap, little critters and then work his way up to hopefully one day own a T-Rex. But could nature be contained by man? Or would the animals eventually run loose and devour anyone in their path?
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  • k0noa


     11 months ago +107

    Hey everyone! The first episode of Jurassic World Evolution Season 2 has been uploaded. You can continue to watch the story unfold here!

  • 2k_ kidd

    2k_ kidd

     a years ago +113

    I wonder why everyone trips over

  • 2k_ kidd

    2k_ kidd

     a years ago +327

    4:28 that women ran right into her death

  • mīmu ga kagi

    mīmu ga kagi

     a years ago +189

    9:46 oof

  • Darcy the Aussie

    Darcy the Aussie

     11 months ago +72

    10:22 he was really determined to attack her only

  • destiny developer

    destiny developer

     10 months ago +128

    T Rex playing football..

  • Gojira782


     a years ago +269

    Billions of dollars down the drain.

  • Atif Choudhury

    Atif Choudhury

     a years ago +101

    The rangers didn't even try to tranquilize any of the dinos lol what scrubs

  • family and friend show

    family and friend show

     a years ago +62

    I knew someone called the Indominus Rex the I-Rex besides me. :D

  • Josh Chambers

    Josh Chambers

     a years ago +89

    I wish it was longer series but I have this game and know how hard it is to build alot in sandbox and how hard it would be to extend the series but still this was great

  • steel slasher

    steel slasher

     10 months ago +20

    You are a great narrator



     7 months ago +18

    7:00 dumb ranger😂😂

  • Silversnake Productions

    Silversnake Productions

     a years ago +58

    I really loved this series and hope you return when the game has really EVOLVED bad dum crash

  • suber


     9 months ago +10

    1:23 Jurassic park

  • TheMichaelCW


     7 months ago +6

    That was brutal, RIP guys on the island! Gone too soon! 😥

  • Deadpool


     11 months ago +10

    oh my God why does the rex stomping people satifies me

  • Nicolas


     6 months ago +4

    5:04, No-look pass from the T-rex

  • TS forever

    TS forever

     8 months ago +16

    the game is good but there's only 1 thing hold it down: lack of gesture and poor fighting movement

  • Joseph Gardiner

    Joseph Gardiner

     10 months ago +11

    Am i the only one to notice that the Tyrannosaur attacked the I.Rex first, yet K0noa said that the I.Rex drew first blood.

  • brandon Drummond

    brandon Drummond

     a years ago +295

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.