5 Scary Things Caught On Camera On LIVE TV

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 6, 2019
  • Top 5 list of the scariest things ever captured on LIVE television!

    Scary videos of ghosts caught on tape, creepy video of mysterious paranormal incidents, and some outright strange, bizarre, and scary things caught on camera on live tv. Including an encounter with a creepy doll that seems to be moving in real life on live tv. And a reporter that almost becomes his own story.

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  • Nuke's Top 5

    Nuke's Top 5

     a years ago +1609

    I've been doing ALOT of traveling for the holidays and unfortunately just couldn't get this week's video finished in time. So this is a repost of a video that was only live on my channel for less than a month before it had to be taken down for a problem with one clip(fixed now). Sorry, I hate reposts as much as anyone :(, but I figured this might be better than just not posting anything this week. Hope everyone had a great New Year's eve! I'll be back next week with an ALL NEW video

  • bayluvn41510


     17 hours ago

    Ive stopped by that 7-11 on my way to work before.

  • Jakub Mjartan

    Jakub Mjartan


    Czechoslovakia has not been a country since 1993

  • Lux


     2 days ago

    The nuke prank was obviously fake because the trees would have most likely been knocked down in the blast, but you dont see it at all.

  • Flavio Bregu

    Flavio Bregu

     2 days ago

    Now you see that crazy s**t happens in Albania to

  • Chuc Taylor

    Chuc Taylor

     3 days ago

    That shits fake . It look like it was tuck .

  • Desean Davis

    Desean Davis

     3 days ago

    How da hell at 2:32 the man got out of the car an Disappeared

  • Darkghost Yt

    Darkghost Yt

     5 days ago

    Un jam nga kosova shtet tjeter si albania pershendetje nukes top 5

  • RainOfSilence


     5 days ago

    Nah she just didn't injected her insulin lol

  • Dirte Kinte

    Dirte Kinte

     7 days ago

    Wait, so people honestly believed the dead were rising? This country is fucked.

  • Culvea Solvere

    Culvea Solvere

     7 days ago

    I lived in Georgia, on the boundry between Georgia and Florida and the Zombie broadcast also hit there because I remember watching one of those channels and getting that message, I just thought it was a test, and someone was fooling around with the station broadcast test computer. I laughed out loud and stayed on the channel after it went out.

  • Brynarran


     7 days ago

    The guy acting so weird in Parker Nissan that was hit. It looks like he is getting something from around front passenger tire. I think he probably had dope hidden in that area of car. He got the drugs and took off. The cameras were freaking him out so he went in that store so he couldn't be id'. But the cameras stayed in that direction awhile and he wanted to get out of the area before the cops come. So he finally just leaves real quick. After he looks out the window you can see him keep looking very nervously out the glass in the left hand door. Then he made a quick exit. It's like he thought he had to get out of the area holding that dope before the cops come but the cameras were spooking him but he finally decided it's now or never.

  • Sophie Landry

    Sophie Landry

     7 days ago

    And i'm sorry but for the second vidéo i'm think same becuse the gay come to care is so...you now so...évident.. but ok is m'y think..

  • Sophie Landry

    Sophie Landry

     7 days ago

    Just fake for the ferst vidéo 😋

  • PIKASO 144

    PIKASO 144

     7 days ago

    Wow im from czechia and i didn't knew that anything like that happened in our Czech television ,my dad loves to watch panorama and he even saw that live ! There is also one funny thing about ztohoven group ,they'r name is pun: it means out of it but it also sounds like sto hoven (pretty same thing but with s on the start) and that mean's in Czech language 100 shits.

  • razony


     7 days ago +1

    That TV reporter needs to join the army and go to Afghanistan , Iraq and he will see SCARY! Buck up man, that was NOTHING!!!

  • Ari


     7 days ago

    6:30 its not czechoslovakia

  • I ate Your chips 123

    I ate Your chips 123

     7 days ago

    That thumbnail is priceless😂👌great job nuke that one deserves a clap👏 👏👏👏👏

  • Kaitlynn Nelson

    Kaitlynn Nelson

     14 days ago

    That moan in the xarelto commercial...yeah that would be hacked during that commercial. 😂

  • noel


     14 days ago

    That dumb bitch didn't even try to brake