Sheet Pan Party Quesadilla 4 Ways

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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  • Phlimbob


     9 months ago

    Scouring through tasty videos trying to find some recipes that will be good for a week prepared in advance, and this looks like it could work. I didn't really watch for the filling but more for the idea, but that is the beauty of cooking.

  • Rizz Asim

    Rizz Asim

     a years ago

    I have learned alot

  • Xo_BELJ _oX

    Xo_BELJ _oX

     a years ago


  • Galaxy Fox_107

    Galaxy Fox_107

     a years ago

    This looks so yummy

  • Justin Schröttke

    Justin Schröttke

     a years ago

    What is an lb? 😅

  • Aeman Ansari

    Aeman Ansari

     a years ago

    This is awesome n yummy recipe

  • Chrome Maniak

    Chrome Maniak

     a years ago

    You lost me at tofu

  • Pavithra Shaji

    Pavithra Shaji

     a years ago

    does tasty repeat their background music in different videos??

  • wilderbeast antelope

    wilderbeast antelope

     a years ago

    I just observe, I never do

  • 2 slikk

    2 slikk

     a years ago

    Disgraceful to the quesadilla gods lol

  • nevermore0


     a years ago

    This looks like 1 way. It just has 4 different stuffings. You'd have to quadruple each recipe to make it 4 ways.

  • Jim Ross

    Jim Ross

     a years ago

    Stopped watching after tofu

  • Pedro Rdguez

    Pedro Rdguez

     a years ago

    Quesadillas with tofu :(

  • Hockey 1091

    Hockey 1091

     a years ago

    So you just gonnaforget cheese?

  • Даниил Буркин

    Даниил Буркин

     a years ago

    Why is it vegetarian?

  • Steve Logan

    Steve Logan

     a years ago +2

    No go on tofu for me

  • Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones

     a years ago

    These are more empanadas than quesadillas, but still is not any of those.

  • 은이와팽이


     a years ago +1

    오늘도 영상 잘보고갑니다~~😊😊😊

  • justme55ism


     a years ago

    Thanks buzz feed for making a vegetarian version. Seriously helps a lot.

  • Valerie Irvin

    Valerie Irvin

     a years ago

    WHAT NO 🐔🐔🐄🐄🐖🐖🐟🐟 I couldn't find the shrimp pic, damn I'm not eating that, it will give me a lot of gas!!! Smh 😁😁😁