75 Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Today I bring you 75 things you didn't know about Minecraft. How many of the 75 facts did you know? Can we SMASH 75,000 Likes?! ^_^ Leave a "LIKE" Rating if you enjoy and "COMMENT" if you found this video helpful! Thanks for watching and have a nice day! :D

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/mJ7cXLy0tvA


  • Peppzzii


     1 months ago +3424

    i can’t believe i fell in the lava! :(

  • Ciara Chang

    Ciara Chang

     2 hours ago

    #minecraft #update #things

  • Z. L.

    Z. L.

     8 hours ago

    What's all the music?

  • Bump Kin

    Bump Kin

     16 hours ago

    2:45 i tried that ages ago

  • Xylorio stic

    Xylorio stic

     21 hours ago

    CEO of as you can see

  • Bumbo 3184

    Bumbo 3184

     23 hours ago

    Looks at thumbnail “come out to the cost we’ll get together have a few laughs

  • Allen Aldridge

    Allen Aldridge


    If you put an end portal in the end you go back to the normal world

  • Bedanta Dey

    Bedanta Dey


    Thank you for the pokemon music! ^_^

  • Herbert Co sr.

    Herbert Co sr.


    Do u think we dumb

  • Talking tom and

    Talking tom and


    I <3 your videos! It could be helpful,but it could be also a SECRET TELLER😊!!!

  • ur drug dealer

    ur drug dealer

     2 days ago +1

    Why does he sound like Harry from The adventures of One Direction?

  • Amberlinn Rose Lee

    Amberlinn Rose Lee

     2 days ago

    ...wait you can use a shovel to put out a fire...I thought you could only use water, I'm an idiot, it makes so much sense😅

  • IQ boy124

    IQ boy124

     2 days ago




     2 days ago

    1:10 Yeah I don't think that's Milk

  • the king

    the king

     3 days ago

    R.i.p villager

  • 叶彦睿


     5 days ago


  • Vim Alcel Naraga

    Vim Alcel Naraga

     6 days ago

    6:33-6:46 Anthony's rant on roses in Minecraft

  • McAlister Family

    McAlister Family

     6 days ago

    Peppzzii said u were a noob. 😠

  • B.F.P.S Studios

    B.F.P.S Studios

     6 days ago

    17 happend ro me all the time lol

  • Mister Slendz

    Mister Slendz

     7 days ago

    "Today, i bring you 75 things you didn't knew about MOINCROFT"