Hello Neighbor Challenge in the Dark with Sharer Fam!!

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  • We teamed up with Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, and Lizzy for a Hello Neighbor in the Dark!!
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    Carl and Jinger with their kids Gage, Luke, and Kyle hide secret items in their house just like the game Hello Neighbor for teens! After teaming up with the Sharers they get the help from Stephen, Carter, and Lizzy as hey use color changing lights to make it feel spooky! Carl pretends to be the neighbor trying to catch everyone sneaking in! Can the family find the golden apple, crowbar, and hidden key before they get caught by the Neighbor in this fun Hello Neighbor themed family game! This time there's new hidden items and even a golden crown!

    Kyle's Toys and Games: https://goo.gl/tXdtZH
    Luke Fully Loaded: https://goo.gl/tr5OWJ
    Gage1Up: https://goo.gl/PYUibl

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    Carter Sharer
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    Lizzy Sharer
    EXPLORING HAUNTED ABANDONED HOUSE!! (HAUNTED FOREST) 😱https://www.thvideos.net/video/GRtrI38SZ-o/video.html
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