We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 12, 2018
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  • Aadya Sharma

    Aadya Sharma

     2 months ago +506

    World: uses kilograms
    USA: uses pounds
    Ríe: used cats 🐱
    Also thanx for over 460 like 🤗

  • Poppyk084


     5 months ago +1528

    Annie: I’m lactose intolerant
    Andrew: will you have some?
    Annie: sure
    Congratulations. You just summed up lactose intolerance. It’s like a game to us

  • Anika Talyan

    Anika Talyan

     11 months ago +2451

    0:36 I love how the computer is labeled “computer” 😂

  • Lama28


     8 months ago +2067

    People: drink wine while baking/cooking to keep them entertained
    Andrew: *drinks chocolate milk to keep him entertained *

  • Bloom Jinga

    Bloom Jinga

     6 months ago +278

    "I'm not familiar with pound. How Many CATS?"
    that's the best part of this...

  • Josh Nguyen

    Josh Nguyen

     6 months ago +765

    The biggest cinnamon roll is Adam

  • AmericaninAustralia


     a years ago +1648

    1:53 annie looks so done with andrew.

  • 5SecøndsØfTwentyØneShaniacs!AtTheDiscø


     a years ago +440

    I'm lactose intolerant too.
    But do I drink tea and coffee anyways? Hell yes.
    Should I be doing that? Probably not.
    Do I care though? Not one bit.

  • Serephina Walker

    Serephina Walker

     a years ago +357

    "It looks like a chicken wing."
    Rie 2018

  • Smm y

    Smm y

     a years ago +467

    Why does Annie look like Hwasa from Mamamoo?

  • Balianto


     6 months ago +230

    Like if Rie is the best Tasty producer

  • Lavender


     a years ago +94

    Its not a Cinnamon roll its a Cinnamon square😂

  • DeFalt Markowicz

    DeFalt Markowicz

     a years ago +3485

    Rie in these episodes is like a Mom watching over her kids that are cooking

  • Victoria N

    Victoria N

     6 months ago +77

    They should have baked it in a big round cake pan so it kept the round shape.

  • Maggie Lin

    Maggie Lin

     10 months ago +82

    "Eating sugar + farting = activated"
    The best excuse to tell your mother next time😂😂

  • Koko


     11 months ago +330

    Wait, is the widespread understanding of "Divide and conquer" that you're the one dividing yourself?
    Huh. Guess it must be a cultural thing. To me it was always implied that you divide others and then win.

  • Wuffle Tuffle

    Wuffle Tuffle

     5 months ago +36

    adam should cook in one of these videos

  • Kalistosings G

    Kalistosings G

     a years ago +2248

    "do you measure things in cat in Japan?" 😂😂😂😂

  • Javaid Miah

    Javaid Miah

     a years ago +66

    Rie is so endearing!

  • Blaq_ Phantom

    Blaq_ Phantom

     6 months ago +61

    I can feel the diabetes coursing through their veins