Disenchantment | Introducing Luci | Netflix



  • The Real Luci

    The Real Luci

     11 months ago +239

    Wakey Wakey nutbags! Time for a Disenchantment Binge watching session!

  • Just Ice

    Just Ice

     a years ago +874

    I'm already in love with Luci!

  • Jonathan Gillis

    Jonathan Gillis

     a years ago +202

    You can't spell American dream without Eric Andre

  • Shaheer Chowdhury

    Shaheer Chowdhury

     a years ago +178

    welp he just became my favorite character for the show.

  • William Birkin

    William Birkin

     11 months ago +44

    Who else was disappointed in the lack of Luci? He is pretty awesome and my favorite character of this series but i wish they would have him showed what abilities he have like as he scared of the horses or the possession (even tho the other 2 probably forced him to).

  • xMusicx


     a years ago +265

    Lets clap along :D

  • Lyrical Truth

    Lyrical Truth

     a years ago +203

    Reminds me of Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch 😆

  • Slightly Sleep Deprived

    Slightly Sleep Deprived

     a years ago +26

    Luci is my favorite, I'm calling it

  • Mediawatcher


     a years ago +207

    Demon bender

  • Quincy Rodgers

    Quincy Rodgers

     a years ago +203

    Who else thought that the space between Luci's nose and lip was his mouth? I was looking at him wrong the whole time.

  • Caroline Groat

    Caroline Groat

     a years ago +208

    Perfect casting

  • Killerkitt 2001

    Killerkitt 2001

     a years ago +10

    I want a plushie of Luci

  • Logical Overdrive

    Logical Overdrive

     a years ago +14

    Let’s clap along.

  • Philosophase


     a years ago +12

    This is literally Bender as a demon.

  • Knight Brody #8

    Knight Brody #8

     a years ago +11

    I really don't understand why this series has gotten such bad reviews. It looks so promising 😭😫😵.

  • The 9th Planet

    The 9th Planet

     a years ago +11

    Already my favourite character.

  • Kervin Massicott

    Kervin Massicott

     a years ago +31

    Eric Andre is a good choice

  • purpp


     a years ago +29

    Mr Game & Watch

  • Korreena Baptiste

    Korreena Baptiste

     a years ago +51

    Eric is a legend

  • strk


     a years ago +69

    BIRD UP!