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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • king_Jab27


     a years ago +925

    I wish they would put an actual description in their videos to know what they are actually talking about...
    Edit: Never heard of "Bravia" before looking at the replies now I know lol. But I got to say when 4K became the new "standard" I never saw any announcement videos on that so this seems kind of unnecessary to make a vid on one single brand of 4k "master" whatever. But hey I'm still on LED so like what was said below "if you don't know, its not for you" lol.

  • Medicinal Blood

    Medicinal Blood

     a years ago +722

    Oh ok...I don’t get it

  • Steven Mancera

    Steven Mancera

     a years ago +351

    This is HDR color calibration feature only available on Sony Bravia TVs.

  • Carrots with a K

    Carrots with a K

     a years ago +261

    Understandable, have a great day

  • Stabbity Joe

    Stabbity Joe

     a years ago +546

    is this the new overwatch hero

  • Cryptic


     a years ago +373

    Thats kinda cool..............

  • Billy Holmes

    Billy Holmes

     a years ago +63

    Is it compatible with my Atari?

  • SageoftheGhostFire


     a years ago +187

    Yeah but where's Daredevil season 3?

  • Vesper X

    Vesper X

     a years ago +39

    Great... Now if only Netflix would fix 5.1 surround sound issues so we can actually hear the dialog. That would be great.

  • SuperDan


     a years ago +213

    So it adjust the colors, saturation, brightness and contrast? If thats the case then thats awesome.... But im so confused XD lol

  • ChristopherV24


     a years ago +147

    What is this an apple commercial?

  • Xtreme


     a years ago +20

    So by “Calibrated Mode” you mean self promotion for your original shows and movies

  • Ryan Neely

    Ryan Neely

     a years ago +16

    Why just BRAVIA? We LG folks still exist.

  • webberron


     a years ago +35

    Paid commercial for Sony Bravia TVs... LOL...

  • Luis Lodos M

    Luis Lodos M

     a years ago +11

    In some movies the voices are too low compared to the music and sound effects. I have to turn the sound up and down during the whole movie.

  • Glenn


     a years ago +73

    M'kay.. that was a waste of time ;-(

  • PBear


     a years ago +11

    Netflix except it's netflixier

  • Claudia Ivy

    Claudia Ivy

     a years ago +5

    Is it compatible with my Atari?

  • AydanAnimates


     a years ago +2

    Netflix - $10/mth
    Netflix HDR - $15/mth
    Netflix Super Awesome Totally Worth It Calibrated Mode - $69/mth

  • Clem Mar

    Clem Mar

     a years ago +3

    Ah d’accord c’est une pub pour une tele