Super Moon 2017 real-time pass with some light clouds GreenPowerScience

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 4, 2017
  • This was a setting Super Moon taken about 5:00 AM. We had cloud cover for the Dec. 3 2017 time so I woke up early and shot this.
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  • John Robert

    John Robert

     2 months ago

    Cool! Here in NY we see that big impact crater about 90° right of where you are seeing it.

  • Thinking Outside The Grid !

    Thinking Outside The Grid !

     4 months ago

    Great Video! I have to say, I started watching your videos years ago. Your definitely inspired me to experiment with solar, lenses, parabolic mirrors, hho and more. Now we are living in an off grid home built from Dirt without and without a mortgage. Your videos inspire many!

  • Michael Hursh

    Michael Hursh

     10 months ago

    have you made the parabolic telescope yet. Do you live near Tampa?

  • Nathan EverLast

    Nathan EverLast

     10 months ago +1

    January 20-21 wolf blood moon
    Get your infrared camera out

  • Wroger Wroger

    Wroger Wroger

     10 months ago

    I don't know if you have ever seen it... but when you get a total eclipse of the moon - where the moon goes into the absolute centre of the earths shadow at like 11pm / 1am - THAT is something to see,..... Not a partial eclipse.. where the moon goes a bit red or muddy looking - but an absolute dead centre eclipse. Timothy Leary talked all this shit about enlightenment by taking LSD.... All bullshit. When you get a crystal clear pitch black night in the middle of nowhere and you start tuning into the eclipse about 20 minutes until totality - THERE is a totally fucking mind blowing experience..... Make the effort to see it happen once in your life time.

  • mojo 410 Captain Caveman

    mojo 410 Captain Caveman

     a years ago

    I'm sure you realize the moon rotates seven times a night,I shit you not... new star with his own 10 planets in our solar system ...

  • Skywalker Klutch

    Skywalker Klutch

     a years ago

    Are you familiar with the Lunar Wave?

  • randy woodcox

    randy woodcox

     a years ago

    this may be a stupid question ,but why did the position of the moon not change ? does it spin like the earth .

  • 101AOK


     a years ago

    Last big moon, full moon of 2017.

  • 101AOK


     a years ago +1

    Happy Holidays To you and your family. Or as we say in MY house hold, Merry Christmas.

  • KaleidoscopeJunkie


     a years ago

    Stunning ! !
    I was lucky enough to watch it over Lake Lanier.
    (Moonlight through the pines :-) )

  • canadianfortruth


     a years ago

    you think this is good check out croww777  lunar wave on you tube even better .

  • hintzofcolorconcepts


     a years ago +1

    Am I the only one who can't see the man in the moon?

  • Rolland Blom

    Rolland Blom

     a years ago +1

    Beautiful job Dan!

  • EJRhees


     a years ago +1

    Such a beautiful shot of the moon.
    Thank you so very much for sharing.

  • Ian Mathieson

    Ian Mathieson

     a years ago +1

    Great video and background music. By keeping the camera/telescope still and letting the moon drift into, across, and out of the field of view, you’ve very effectively shown the combined effect of the moon orbiting the earth and the earth rotating on its axis. Brilliant.

  • Mickey Smith

    Mickey Smith

     a years ago +5

    I just got mooned.

  • Pierre Flamand

    Pierre Flamand

     a years ago +4

    Amazing!!!! Thank you!!

  • MohawkManny


     a years ago +1

    There's actually no such thing as a super moon. The earth is just closer to the Mon at certain times of the year at any stage of the moon. Like you wouldn't say there's a super cresent. It just catches our eye when it happens to be a full moon

  • MohawkManny


     a years ago +1

    All those craters