MLB Ejections Part 5

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 30, 2016
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  • CTK1201


     3 days ago

    Terry Francona @ 3:57 made it Crystal Clear to the Ump how he felt!

  • BeastlyMussel61


     28 days ago

    Our manager went on a fucking crusade.

  • Ben Talbot

    Ben Talbot

     1 months ago

    Who else is cold asf and ready for some baseball??

  • nikolajs.


     2 months ago


  • Bruce Spitfire

    Bruce Spitfire

     3 months ago

    Why are half of the ejections from ALL the videos from the Nationals

  • Noire Blackheart

    Noire Blackheart

     3 months ago

    The reason older umpires are missing calls is deliberate. They lost the passion with age and only care for the paycheck

  • Juanita Ramirez

    Juanita Ramirez

     3 months ago


  • Let’s Go

    Let’s Go

     4 months ago

    Great video

  • Chris K. Summerville

    Chris K. Summerville

     4 months ago

    These umpires are shit. They should be fined

  • Rick Cruz

    Rick Cruz

     4 months ago

    too many BAD calls !

  • Cheyenne Rasmussen

    Cheyenne Rasmussen

     4 months ago

    Let you know when we still need of the day but don't havetheI am to do that are not going live you doing it to be in town this

  • Hal09i


     5 months ago

    No doubt about what he said at 3:57...

  • Norman Hopkins

    Norman Hopkins

     6 months ago

    Does MLB have some system of punishment for bad umpiring?

  • Hendrik Greve

    Hendrik Greve

     8 months ago

    Can we just go digital and just determine strikes and balls that way so we can get all the old, blind and fat fucks out of baseball?

  • Sonny V

    Sonny V

     9 months ago

    3:48 I would react the same way if Terry Francona if Ron Kulpa waved to disrespectfuly

  • Chris Pappas

    Chris Pappas

     11 months ago

    Here's a Great idea...Swing the Damn Bat!!!!!!!

  • J.R. Puffin Master

    J.R. Puffin Master

     a years ago

    O's Cimmentators suck. Papelbon had every right to throw at Machado to show him how big of a punk he is

  • Alan Woerner

    Alan Woerner

     a years ago

    Francona needs to do this today. 9_1_18

  • UN Owen

    UN Owen

     a years ago +1

    Lloyd's really protesting not to protect his pitcher but to protect his hapless job at Win–loss record 499–607.

  • Eric Stenzel

    Eric Stenzel

     a years ago

    PUIG should have been ejected to Cuba.