DIY Mallow Blaster



  • Raven The Messenger

    Raven The Messenger

     a years ago +93

    I think I’m having a bit of De Ja Vu, didn’t they already do this video...? Or did they have to redo it...? 🤔

  • The King of Random

    The King of Random

     a years ago +251

    No you don't have déjà vu Random Nation haha, this video was accidentally released a while back due to a scheduling error. Since it was only up for a short time, we decided to still put it out on it's intended posting date! Thanks for watching! 👊👑

  • WarlandWriter


     a years ago +226

    Can you try building a railgun?

  • Michael You

    Michael You

     a years ago +145

    make a lava lamp

  • Saurabh Gore

    Saurabh Gore

     a years ago +90

    Repeat video?

  • R.eli


     a years ago +9

    I legit thought he was gonna use the chop saw! Lol! I tried making this for myself and it was awesome! SUBSCRIBE!

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

     a years ago +33

    when he started his chopsaw to cut the pencil I thouth of one thing

  • electronicsNmore


     a years ago +27

    Use a thin walled aluminum tube, then you can light them on fire and send them off. :-)

  • John Wood

    John Wood

     a years ago +22

    This video was funny (which i liked) and you can ACCTUALLY make it without fancy tools and eqiipment!!!

  • zKinq KillerGHG_

    zKinq KillerGHG_

     a years ago +19

    Video Starts : He already makes a huge mess

  • Sheyenne Peterson

    Sheyenne Peterson

     a years ago +47

    OMG that Cardboard Tube Marshmallow Shooter looks absolutely Awesome !!! 😃😃

  • Radhika Shrivastav

    Radhika Shrivastav

     a years ago +42

    video starts
    me: I thought he was a sane person



     a years ago +18

    Nice easy to do 👍🏻

  • Junior Maker

    Junior Maker

     a years ago +37

    Please make kratos axe

  • Missy D

    Missy D

     a years ago +21

    I’m going to have to try this with my nephews! .... but I’m confused. Wasn’t this uploaded a week or two ago? I swear I’ve already watched this!

  • Science with Katie

    Science with Katie

     a years ago +37

    Anything involving marshmallows and I’m in!

  • My Opinion

    My Opinion

     a years ago +59

    Nice intro

  • Dylan DeShaw

    Dylan DeShaw

     a years ago +22

    Can you make rope with floss

  • Abe Tietge

    Abe Tietge

     a years ago +2

    ...But can it take a k26?

  • amir davis

    amir davis

     a years ago +1

    you should make a life size
    viniger and baking powder rocket