The Ice Experiments: Molten Copper

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
  • In today's video we're melting down some copper and pouring it into a block of clear ice!Have you entered the Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Giveaway yet? out The Modern Rogue: & “Ring the Bell”: TKOR Merch: What Else I’m Up To:Instagram: Inquiries: For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: by: Anders Bothén - "Rock Teddy 01"Royalty Free Music from Epidemic Sound: video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this video and you'll GET CREDIT! Click Here: credit TRANSLATING other videos? Click Here to see where else you can contribute: YOU!! ✌️👑
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  • Lukenstein


     a years ago +179

    Why is other guy being so extra and kinda over reacting xD

  • Alex Schmidt

    Alex Schmidt

     a years ago +43

    you should try melting a magnetic material and seeing if it can still be attracted with a magnet.
    (edit) ordinarily a magnets stops being magnetic when it reaches a certain temperature, this is called the Currie point, materials are magnetized when all of their domains (basicalls just groups of atoms) are pointing in the same direction, when heat energy is added to the material it's domains start going wack and it stops being magnetized. When a magnet is put next to a feromagnetc material it temporarily points all of the domains in the same direction. so melting or heating a magnet would cause it to lose its magnetism, but I belive that you may be able to temporarily realign the domains in the material using a magnet that hasn't been heated up.

  • Janko Botma

    Janko Botma

     a years ago +54

    Try making a knife from materials easily accessible and another great video as always.

  • OMG it's a lab lover

    OMG it's a lab lover

     a years ago +62

    Can you make a video about cool things to make with aluminum pipes that doesn’t involve melting them and that works when they are colored (we got them when buying a modular couch had left overs and me and my dad wanted to do something cool with them)

  • Mixx


     a years ago +5

    "It's also haunted." I liked the video just because of that line.

  • Mihira VP

    Mihira VP

     a years ago +14

    Can you electrolysis molten salt to get sodium metal and chlorine gas please king of random

  • Wobble


     a years ago +4

    "Melt or blow up immediately"
    "How about both"
    "Compelling argument"
    Why weren't you on mythbusters the search? That would have been amazing.

  • Jason Navarro

    Jason Navarro

     a years ago +11

    "So how deep do we want to go in here"
    -Tkor 2018

  • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

     a years ago +64

    i thought it would explode immediately

  • Royal Gaming

    Royal Gaming

     a years ago +18

    Bro love the science

  • Phayvour Bluez

    Phayvour Bluez

     a years ago +4

    You guys should do a collab with the slo mo guys

  • Onurb Hubinsky

    Onurb Hubinsky

     a years ago +7

    make a pulse jet engine

  • Arnold


     a years ago +1

    Brian Magician Hands Brushwoods
    (at first)

  • Megaglow Z

    Megaglow Z

     a years ago +21

    molten metal/salt in orbeez!!

  • TheAura Knight

    TheAura Knight

     a years ago +1

    I continue to say its gonna come down to liquid nitrogen vs molten copper

  • OnlyMe


     a years ago

    Bronze + Silver
    Going Olympian
    Also, hydro dip ice block

  • Bryan Hinze

    Bryan Hinze

     a years ago

    watched this while playing with my free (+ 6.66$ shipping) TKOR fidget spinner

  • IcYPoP


     a years ago +1

    You should make a fluidized bed with dry ice powder.



     a years ago +1

    You should do aluminum mixed with mucury very cool reaction I you don't know look it up I guess

  • Hyper Tech

    Hyper Tech

     a years ago

    175 views and 365 likes 🎊🎉🎉🔥????!!!!🔥🔥🎉🎊😂😂