7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test part 5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/lE6rK84vFXk


  • exmortis999


     a years ago +311

    I swear I thought the dog on the left was real...

  • Micaiah Bardwell

    Micaiah Bardwell

     a years ago +159

    only works on Russian dogs.

  • DeadlyDonSubz


     a years ago +67

    taras attac
    taras protec
    but most importantly taras test gadjec

  • someone somewhere

    someone somewhere

     a years ago +170

    As cute as Guppy is, where are Hugo and Luke 😭

  • method man

    method man

     a years ago +522

    When will parrot gadjeks be put to the test?

  • Tony Tony Chopper

    Tony Tony Chopper

     a years ago +291

    Your doggo is Broken

  • FerroLux _

    FerroLux _

     a years ago +73

    I'm a simple man
    I see that Taras is recording with other people, I close the video

  • Peter Calvin

    Peter Calvin

     a years ago +601

    Me: "YES new CrazyRussianHacker video!
    Video starts
    Me: Godammit he has cucks in the video.

  • Nate Phillips

    Nate Phillips

     a years ago +19

    Crazy Russian hacker is the most joyful person there, that’s why there is a lot of disagreements with them

  • Simon Wiggin

    Simon Wiggin

     a years ago +463

    Crazy Russian dog

  • muxu mizna

    muxu mizna

     a years ago +7

    I came here for hugo and luke but stayed for taras

  • DrProfessorOwl


     a years ago +55

    In Russia, the dog puts Taras gajiks to the test.

  • waazzaaap


     a years ago +354

    he already did the 1st gadget a while ago?

  • Kinksutin


     a years ago +9

    I didn't like those guys.

  • Thunder Bear

    Thunder Bear

     a years ago +167

    Taras surrounded by 2 weird mens
    (Edit) plus gabi!

  • Kylie Trahan

    Kylie Trahan

     a years ago +54

    LOL!!! Crazy Russian Hackers was pretending to be a dog!!!!😂🐕

  • Ray Vun

    Ray Vun

     a years ago +14

    imagine taras carrying luke or hugo on that dog carrier

  • mud_pool


     a years ago +33

    This dog is broken

  • Veci


     a years ago +17

    He's so happy when he's with Alex

  • UnPhayzable


     a years ago +236

    Luke for president