7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test part 5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/lE6rK84vFXk


  • FiX iT! Tutorial

    FiX iT! Tutorial

     14 days ago

    Guppy is so cute

  • Hello Hello

    Hello Hello

     2 months ago

    Your friends laugh too much too easily. It's suspicious. 🤔👬👨‍👨‍👦

  • Eva Z

    Eva Z

     4 months ago

    Animal cruelty.

  • Jason Owen

    Jason Owen

     4 months ago

    taras is a gifted man with animal

  • Isabel Ortiz

    Isabel Ortiz

     6 months ago

    If you put your subtitles on and wait til 2:31

  • Ossie Mc

    Ossie Mc

     7 months ago

    Those teeth 😎

  • Helen Cline

    Helen Cline

     7 months ago

    Guys you have to have Goldie’s to chase them any retriever 😅

  • Ray Trujillo

    Ray Trujillo

     8 months ago

    Doggie diapers

  • Tory9242


     8 months ago

    The pug is fool you have to do about 20 times

  • Jeevan Jyoti

    Jeevan Jyoti

     9 months ago

    You can use that thing to play cricket and tennis

  • Shark IT Solution

    Shark IT Solution

     9 months ago

    This doggo broken...



     9 months ago +1

    4:24 ehe he is like ehe ehe

  • Jackyblue67 Same

    Jackyblue67 Same

     9 months ago

    Love ur videos & they so funny too .

  • Musat Mihai

    Musat Mihai

     9 months ago

    what a useless dog

  • Mojo Kim

    Mojo Kim

     9 months ago

    You're better solo. Ditch the bozos.

  • Valeria Coronado

    Valeria Coronado

     10 months ago

    It is supposed to go back in

  • Bobby Chung

    Bobby Chung

     10 months ago

    2:20 The rake caught on camera

  • Aubree G

    Aubree G

     11 months ago

    I like it when it’s just crazyRussiahacker doing the video.

  • Scotty popcone

    Scotty popcone

     11 months ago

    they seem like cool guys

  • Александр Фи.

    Александр Фи.

     a years ago

    2:20 i want that kind of dog how much does it cost?