Scalloped Vegetable Bake

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
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  • Natalie Alfera

    Natalie Alfera

     a years ago +92

    That one slice has more vegetables in it than I eat in a year

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +151

    This dish is like Shrek. It has many delicious layers.

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel Hernandez

     a years ago +34

    Looks like rattotuie

  • pole52


     a years ago +9

    Why do they never have the Oh Yes! at the end of a tasty vegan/vegetarian video? Some of these dishes are definitely worthy of it, is it not done on purpose or what?

  • Kendelle Smith

    Kendelle Smith

     a years ago +3

    Alright now Tasty!! Really feeling some type of way about NOT hearing my OH YES at the end of the video.

  • Nosey


     a years ago +4

    Its not a tasty video without adding a ton of cheese :P

  • Asia W

    Asia W

     a years ago +59

    Not enough cheese

  • Tristine


     a years ago +4

    david! this one, please.

  • AlwaysGonnaSing


     a years ago +8

    Mmm I do love me them scalloped vegetables

  • Chinoconchino


     a years ago +1

    I always have doubts whenever I don't hear the "Oh yeah!" near the end of the video.

  • Veil Diamond

    Veil Diamond

     a years ago +12

    Looks good~* Thank you for sharing a healthy recipe !

  • Az WasHere

    Az WasHere

     a years ago +1

    I've tried this. It was easy to make and very tasty 😻

  • EmilyStacey 1459

    EmilyStacey 1459

     a years ago +1

    What’s the point of vegetables when you cover them in butter, flour, and cheese?

  • InfectedBloxxer


     a years ago +7

    I'm a giraffe

  • Fya S

    Fya S

     a years ago +1

    Tasty has gone vegetarian lol I’m not complaining tho I’m vegetarian so I’m quite happy 😋

  • Taloob Alshugas

    Taloob Alshugas

     a years ago +4

    Looks tasty 😋

  • Itxazoa


     a years ago

    Looks delicious. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Princess Unikitty

    Princess Unikitty

     a years ago +1

    Not first...
    Anyone else or just me?

  • Mia Maywald

    Mia Maywald

     a years ago

    50 views 60 likes good job YouTube

  • Just kill me. -_-

    Just kill me. -_-

     a years ago

    ...I was hungry again, and i'm here, watching this video...
    Dang It.