GOT7 JB "Sunrise" M/V



  • a l i c e - m a r i e

    a l i c e - m a r i e

     11 months ago +1382

    1.) His voice
    2.) These visuals
    3.) The Aesthetic
    4.) JB

  • Nana Sato

    Nana Sato

     10 months ago +1487

    Jaebum vocal is actually better than many Korean solo signers. Sunrise is the most download at iTunes / Melon/Naver of member solo songs.... Jaebum deserves solo debut.

  • Korng 369

    Korng 369

     10 months ago +945

    He doesn't need to show his 6 packs or his muscle. This man is literally sexy in his own way. I'm screaming!!!! Thanks god for his existence. 😘😘😘

  • qb


     10 months ago +457

    I knew GOT7 through JACKSON .. but it's JB who made me stay! I started to like all members but it's JB whom I love the most in GOT7 and all of kpop.... actually in all of the world. Just facts... my facts.. 😊

  • Asmaa아스마


     10 months ago +448

    JYP's best male vocal for me 👌❤

  • Devaron Samuels

    Devaron Samuels

     11 months ago +1204

    Jb is born to be a r&b singer

  • JBtheSaviour


     10 months ago +639

    Hope Jaebeom knows this song ranked #22 for World Digital Song Sales - Global appreciation for SKorea's RNB King 👍💕

  • Bust It For A Real One Cuz I'm A Cactus

    Bust It For A Real One Cuz I'm A Cactus

     10 months ago +168

    THIS👏IS👏THE👏JB👏I👏NEED👏TO👏NEVER👏LEAVE👏EVER👏 When I say this man is MEANT for R&B Soul snatching music, his soundcloud don't lie okay. I need tons more of this in my life!

  • menaka Sh

    menaka Sh

     10 months ago +198

    OMG his voice is so sexy
    I'm dying here

  • Sherly Fetalver

    Sherly Fetalver

     10 months ago +202

    JB's voice is soothing to one's ears. It is a Lullaby 🌴💚😭😍😊☺

  • Barcenilla


     11 months ago +5441

    JB stands for Just Beautiful

  • Ahgase Indian

    Ahgase Indian

     10 months ago +84

    JB Jae Bum... I respect him in many ways... He s really awseome.. He can write song, sing, dance , compose 🎶.. He s cute handsome sexy young man now.. He s the king in JYPE... He deserves more...
    Love him.. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Jb Aegyo Please

    Jb Aegyo Please

     9 months ago +49

    Jb should have solo album. It is what defsoul deserve
    I mean just look at his soundcloud man.
    Please dear GOD, make defsoul another comeback even in soundcloud. I need it so bad.

  • Dani Creations

    Dani Creations

     10 months ago +20

    I LITERALLY melt everytime I hear this song

  • Zoé Zowey

    Zoé Zowey

     10 months ago +50

    It's just like what he drops on his soundcloud! LOVE

  • Asian Mix Superhits

    Asian Mix Superhits

     11 months ago +1380

    Our leader deserves more views...where the hell all the ahgases are !!!!!

  • ChimCel


     10 months ago +32

    Love the sensual beat you chose for this amazing song, plus your vocals are on point!! Great job, looove you JB!!! 💋💋💋

  • Im Jaebeom

    Im Jaebeom

     10 months ago +32

    Jackson said he loves this song in the present YOU album. I agree with him👍👍 Jaebeom is so talented person😍😍😘😘 love u Jaebeomaahhhh

  • yoona Def

    yoona Def

     10 months ago +46

    jb we really love you and we respect you are really a wonderful and nice leader and always progress to got7 and us wonderful things we really thank you we love you ❤❤❤🐥🐥🐥❤❤❤❤🐥🐥🐥🐥.

  • Lady Bug

    Lady Bug

     1 months ago +21

    Who is here because of “Ice Queen”..?