NPK #9 - Time goes by

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2013
  • We have not released a video for a long time. It's unbelievable how fast the time goes. It's almost the end of the summer and it feels like it just began. Anyway, it's not finish yet so we will have other videos soon for you guys. Stay plugged and subscribe!
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  • AlexGroomMedia


     5 years ago +1

    Who ever disliked this video are complete twats, Sick video guy :D

  • Jake Barbo

    Jake Barbo

     5 years ago +2

    I love the flow in this! We gotta all train together before the snow comes :)

  • Freerunning/parkourUK


     6 years ago


  • Brandon Buchanan

    Brandon Buchanan

     6 years ago

    combo at 0:51 was amazing

  • EarlParkour


     6 years ago

    Not necessarily. It helps on some moves, while height helps on others.
    For example, tall people are generally better at precisions and cats because of their height, short people have an easier time flipping. Either way, your height is what you make of it.

  • Gerson Ferman

    Gerson Ferman

     6 years ago

    Teach me x)

  • Õepa Riho

    Õepa Riho

     6 years ago

    nothing stops what you want, e.g that fat guy.

  • Parkour FLASH TEAM

    Parkour FLASH TEAM

     6 years ago

    me ? :P

  • Jordan Barnhart

    Jordan Barnhart

     6 years ago

    SO much skill. subbed!

  • Donovan


     6 years ago

    I feel like you have to be really short to do a lot of this stuff :/

  • ToxicKreeper


     6 years ago

    1:23 dat kid

  • Ben with love

    Ben with love

     6 years ago

    So perfect guys !

  • carter dutton

    carter dutton

     6 years ago

    Loved it, so good and smooth, going to subscribe to you now :)

  • Bill Doddington

    Bill Doddington

     6 years ago

    awesome movement guys

  • Joshua Schlaganweit

    Joshua Schlaganweit

     6 years ago

    are you guys in canada

  • DivxRipPimp


     6 years ago

    Dude blue shirt kid is ultra smooth

  • Parkour Dewd

    Parkour Dewd

     6 years ago

    Great video! Awesome parkour! Please Keep 'em coming! Also whats the name of the song?

  • Kami Sama

    Kami Sama

     6 years ago

    Subscibe? How is that done?

  • HumanZer0


     6 years ago

    U mad?

  • Mikey


     6 years ago

    i soo wanna learn this