How to Start Fire with Hammer!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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  • kosumozero


     a years ago +467

    I thought you used a hammer to fly a spark.
    Your videos are always interesting.

  • vaibhav shahu

    vaibhav shahu

     a years ago +234


  • Alvin Bong Hui Min

    Alvin Bong Hui Min

     a years ago +252

    Do a collaboration with that Taras Kul guy

  • Two-Face


     a years ago +201

    5 years later

  • Juan johnson

    Juan johnson

     a years ago +487

    This is how I light my forge if I'm bored. You actually want a larger piece of metal. Thin metal looses heat faster. I do this when I have a buddy to help me. I use a half inch rebar piece. And you want to use a larger two handed hammer.

  • HuckleB680


     a years ago +49

    Thank you so much for finally doing a science experiment again! Do more science experiments! Also do more life hacks! I miss life hacks too!

  • Imperial Guard #28

    Imperial Guard #28

     a years ago +239

    This is why God chose the Russians to kick start the three days of darkness. The crazy things they do & discover.

  • Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers

     a years ago +64

    I would’ve just dropped my mixtape on the coconut husk

  • J024


     a years ago +14

    Conclusion: always have matches and a lighter on you.

  • Brute Better

    Brute Better

     a years ago +16

    Did he say " we need a hummer? "

  • ziljin


     a years ago +5

    No way that's unbelievable! Thumbs up for me. Boom!

  • 1978tenpack


     a years ago +48

    Oh yes, because I'm always carrying an anvil, sledge hammer and nails when I'm hiking in the wilderness.

  • mfchimichanga


     a years ago +97

    Crazy Russian Hacker: How to be God

  • TheBala1999


     a years ago +7

    Taras is Russian Thor.

  • Reiki Man

    Reiki Man

     a years ago +30

    Started to go into a trance watching and listening to the hammering. 😳

  • Coastal Cruzer

    Coastal Cruzer

     a years ago +11

    Hammer... WHERE IS THE SICKLE?????

  • Brute Better

    Brute Better

     a years ago +8

    Oh yes the old FireHammer trick!☺

  • Irok 121

    Irok 121

     a years ago +41

    In Soviet Russia the hammer starts a fire with you
    In Soviet Russia the hammer starts you with the fire
    In Soviet Russia the fire starts you with the hammer

  • MotoXAddict


     a years ago +5

    This video needed more cowbell...

  • Patty Biehler

    Patty Biehler

     a years ago +2

    Try rubbing the nail against the cement and then on the paper. I bet it would start up a fire as well.