The Hyperloop Speeds to a 240-MPH Record | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Leading hyperloop competitor Virgin Hyperloop One set a new benchmark in the Nevada desert.

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    The Hyperloop Speeds to a 240-MPH Record | WIRED
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  • saraswathy ayyappan

    saraswathy ayyappan

     4 months ago

    It must be built underground coz their will be no atmospheric influence ....

  • Sovjet-Union


     4 months ago +1

    Born too late to explore the world
    Born too early to explore the universe

  • Boom Jonggol

    Boom Jonggol

     4 months ago

    how do you enter the pod if its in a vacuum

  • TAC


     10 months ago

    Peregrine Falcon can fly upto 240mph, not bad...

  • warold cabinal

    warold cabinal

     10 months ago

    Hyperloop: A bullet train in a vacuum chamber.



     a years ago

    If these will be invented soon, hover cars should have been invented a few years ago.

  • s3xyScorp


     a years ago

    So HOW MANY people can this pod carry?
    How much POWER does it use?
    How much does the HYPERLOOP cost per mile?
    How are the pods CONTROLED ?
    How will people breathe in a VACUUM?
    Japanese bullet trains move at 300 km/ hr in comparison,,and have perfect safety record in 40 years one can look out the window and watch the countryside while sipping beer and eating lunch..
    Btw Chinese Maglev do 500km/hr...

  • Julien F

    Julien F

     a years ago

    What will say petrol lobbies...😂😂

  • Julien F

    Julien F

     a years ago

    I just want this...but flying

  • Luke W Nowotnik

    Luke W Nowotnik

     a years ago

    Maybe they can build a huge bridge over an ocean and connect oceans.

  • Daniel Thyringer

    Daniel Thyringer

     a years ago

    Great... first he kills the martians, now he travels purple.



     a years ago

    - 1980's German maglev  420 kph (260 mph)
    - 2002 Shanghai Maglev 431kph (267 mph) daily with hundreds of people in it. 
    - 2007 TGV on rails 574 kph (356 mph)
    - 2015 Japanese Maglev 603 kph (374 mph)
    - 2017 Hyperloop 310 kph (194 mph)
    - Nice fake unimpressive hyped "record" :-)

  • Corrine Tsang

    Corrine Tsang

     a years ago

    In 2014 ,Jiaotong University ,China s oldest engineering school with government funding built and tested a small maglev train in a vacuum 1,000 km/hr.( 621 miles /hr.) CRRC a government railroad company will build a larger maglev train between cities in a vacuum enclosure at a designed speed of 2,500 km/hr.(1600 miles /hr.) CRRC has built two medium speed maglev lines,one in Changsha,the red line in Beijing and is building 10 more in other cities.

  • Mister Smith

    Mister Smith

     a years ago

    *Some restrictions apply. Available only to wealthy Statists.

  • Gnana Prakash

    Gnana Prakash

     a years ago

    to be honest, I hope they build a really long loop to test the actual top speeds. 240MPH is nothing and is pretty much a useless metric for this.

  • TeddyIsCool001


     a years ago

    I've thought it is a vacuum tube. Why can I hear the sound of the train?

  • Roxy Is da one

    Roxy Is da one

     a years ago

    G force much?

  • Portabledexter


     a years ago

    Who woulda thunk it? The king of branding jumping onboard a elon musk ‘sell the dream’ marketing exercise 😂😂😂

  • Rafael Hebert

    Rafael Hebert

     a years ago

    How much time does it take to pump out all the air? Just curious

  • Marc Harrison

    Marc Harrison

     a years ago

    I love how Richard Branson swoops in and puts his name on things only after proof of concept is worked out by other people...must be nice...