LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!

    Location Price- $60 USD

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  • Maral Munkh-Ulzii

    Maral Munkh-Ulzii

     3 hours ago

    Has to have meat every time

  • Dennies Espina

    Dennies Espina


    Aw.. He saw the brocolli. Hope they just blended it somewhere there. Maybe next time..

  • Abhilekh sagar

    Abhilekh sagar


    See stars but fuck it all.... still eating meal....that's Savage 💯 😈

  • Louise Peters

    Louise Peters

     2 days ago

    You want to try a UK buffet 10 dishes max very poor quality and if your not there as soon as they open all thats left is the sauce

  • Viral Rathod

    Viral Rathod

     3 days ago

    Who was the celebrity???

  • Yash Kedia

    Yash Kedia

     5 days ago

    You should visit soon

  • Aditya Kumar

    Aditya Kumar

     6 days ago

    How the hell this guy eat that much in one row?

  • Rupesh Jadhav

    Rupesh Jadhav

     7 days ago

    Western media will never show this side of India.

  • Atul Sharma

    Atul Sharma

     7 days ago

    4:52 Does this hotel gives this type of service? (Look in mirror 🤱)

  • bithulbinu binu

    bithulbinu binu

     7 days ago +1


  • bluegoldy support

    bluegoldy support

     7 days ago

    Curious to know, seriously how can you stuff so much food at a time

  • Girl Nxt door

    Girl Nxt door

     14 days ago

    The dessert section Omylawrdddd

  • Saurabh Warudkar

    Saurabh Warudkar

     14 days ago

    Sees Bollywood Stars....eehh.... Let's get back to food.

  • Krutarth Haveliwala

    Krutarth Haveliwala

     21 days ago

    04:46 It is sev not crispy noodles hahaha

  • Ace Spades

    Ace Spades

     21 days ago

    Yeah yeah yeah. It is a big mistake to watch this video at this time. (3:00am)

    Damn I'm sooooooo hungry!!

  • Rose Lee

    Rose Lee

     21 days ago

    It is so cruel watching people eat delicious foods while you drools and feeling hungry. I am going to have some food so I can watch him eats. He is in a good Buffet full of other good foods he is eating Chinese breakfast foods? I would fill my stomach with those expensive food like Lobsters, Steaks, Scallions, and ...
    Indian Buffets has more varieties of selections some other countries in the world. I wish where I live would have it too. My part of the world is not the same in everything. I wish I can move to India and live. When I come to some money I would go to India to visit. But mainly I go for the foods.

  • pranjali naik

    pranjali naik

     21 days ago

    Caption author : Rohit Sharma


  • potlovingchef14


     21 days ago

    how the fuck does eat so much

  • Dexter Misao

    Dexter Misao

     28 days ago +1

    And here I'm eating rice and dal.. 🤤🤤🤤

  • Shresth Rana

    Shresth Rana

     28 days ago

    He has having orgasm Everytime he eat something..