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  • Published on:  Friday, August 11, 2017
  • Today Carter Sharer, Liz Sharer, and I (Stephen Sharer) went down to the pond to check out the old mega ramp. This is the same ramp we used to do the "Roman Atwood Backflip Challenge" when Carter rode his bike down the hill and backflipped off the jump into the pond and did a backflip on his bike. We used the ATV to pull it up to the driveway so we can see what condition it was in. It turns out the jump was all rotten and needed to be rebuilt before we could attempt the new Roman Atwood Backflip Challenge. So we tore off all the old wood and went to home depot to get some new wood pieces. We put the new pieces on and even welded the metal on the mega ramp to make it even stronger. After we put the new wood on we painted the mega ramp to make it look brand new again. We even painted a share the love logo on it. While the paint was drying we went to the trampoline to jump and do some trampoline tricks. I started off first and did a trampoline backflip. Then I did an awesome front flip on the trampoline and landed it first try. Next Lizzy Sharer hopped on the trampoline and tried a front flip. Lastly Carter Sharer hopped on the tramp. Carter is really good at trampoline tricks. First he did a backflip. Then he did a super epic backflip called the super epic flip. The paint on the ramp finished drying so we used the ATV to pull it back down to the pond. Then I ran up the mega ramp and jumped off it into the pond to test it out. The ramp is all done and ready to be jumped and it is a huge mega ramp. Carter wants to ride his mountain bike off of it and try to land another backflip. Comment #Backflip if you think Carter can land a backflip into the pond!

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