Horrible Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Covers! | HTM3

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 13, 2017
  • The Jurassic Park 25th anniversary Blu-Ray covers are here and they SUCK!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kNHjIuPo0EM




     a years ago +1

    Should the dinosaurs in Jurassic world have feathers? https://youtu.be/or5Le7eUj0s

  • Chris Hern

    Chris Hern

     1 months ago

    I like the cover to the first movie it's kind of an iconic shot, but the third movie's cover is terrible just like the movie. 😎

  • Carl Henriksson

    Carl Henriksson

     a years ago

    JP cover whasn't that bad if You ask Me but, Why did they change the spinosaurus?! It's just a bad choise!

  • Carlos Álvarez

    Carlos Álvarez

     a years ago

    Las portadas son magníficas

  • NovaPraetor


     a years ago

    Nice video and channel, subbed.

    Not sure what they were thinking with these covers. You look at the JP3 sticker booklets and they have pictures of the Stan Winston dinosaur maquettes on the front cover, and the dinosaurs actually they're physically there.

  • Mr. E

    Mr. E

     a years ago

    Jurassic shark.🤔 And it says dinosaurs from the deep. Wtf sharks aren't dinosaurs, not even related.

  • Alfonso Payan

    Alfonso Payan

     a years ago

    Disney dinosaur movie was alright

  • Yowie Wowie

    Yowie Wowie

     a years ago

    Easy fix for the original, black background with the original logo

  • Dominic Spence

    Dominic Spence

     a years ago

    I thought the covers were fine. But that’s just me, I don’t really care about the covers of the dvds.

  • thegamingdino dino

    thegamingdino dino

     a years ago

    Fuck you

  • LuKro


     a years ago

    Wow, you really hate these covers, do you? They look fine to me. To be exactly, Lost World and part 3 look amazing!
    Ecxept the first one. That does look really shitty.

  • TharunSrikaanth Saravanakumar

    TharunSrikaanth Saravanakumar

     a years ago

    omg the blu ray covers look extremely photoshopped wtf



     a years ago

    haha this was great!

  • captainferty 213

    captainferty 213

     a years ago

    What.... They looks cool but weird

  • Hadam10Rose


     a years ago

    The Logos are the ones from the Tin Circles they released when World came to BluRay.



     a years ago +7

    The Lost World is not that bad, do not know why people give it so much hate

  • goatman_just wants_his_bridge_bac

    goatman_just wants_his_bridge_bac

     a years ago

    My favorite part out of all the movies is the spino killing the rex i dont like the rexes but i loved that part

  • GanonGhidorah


     a years ago

    30 seconds into it and I can immediately see what's wrong with the posters.
    Those are the kinds of action-driven posters that are better suited for B-Movies; the main characters are portrayed tiny in the foreground, while the monsters they're running from are huge in the background. Basically the same as the Deep Blue Sea cover.

    Basically speaking, Jurassic Park - and it's franchise - are not B-Movies. They're not even monster movies. They're so much more and deeper than that.

  • CaptinNabil7


     a years ago

    I don't know about you guys, but while the new cover arts look hideous, especially the first movie's cover art, the T-REX's appearance resembles a bit of Megatron in BEAST WARS. Yessss!

  • Michael Jagger

    Michael Jagger

     a years ago

    Why do they all have the horrible Jurassic world logo? The original was way better as was the film. As a matter of fact you may As well buy the first 2 films and burn 3 and 4