15 Times Beerus Was Disrespected In Dragon Ball

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  • The Most Disrespectful Things Done To Beerus In Dragon Ball

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    Lord Beerus is a powerful god of destruction, standing on one of the highest levels in the god hierarchy of Dragon Ball. And yet, he is often not seen as such by the people of Earth, who went from fearing him to casually hanging out with him. In other words, Beerus doesn’t exactly get the respect that a god of destruction like him should. On top of his relationship with the mortals of Earth being a representation of his lack of godly respect, there are several instances of Beerus getting straight-up disrespected by others.

    In this video, we look through instances in Dragon Ball Super of Beerus getting disrespected, be it by mortals directly dismissing his status or by accidentally displeasing him. There are quite a few examples, from the Golden Frieza saga to the Universal Survival Saga, and we’ve got them all for you here. Remember when Bulma gave Beerus a piece of her mind, leading to the infamous “My Bulma!” moment? What about when Goku and Vegeta ate all of Beerus’ pizza? Or when Trunks and Goten sprayed him in the face with a water gun?

    We cover it all in this video, so give it a watch to see every instance of Beerus getting straight-up disrespected. Who has ticked off the God of Destruction the most? What did Majin Buu do to set him off? Find out in this video and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Dragon Ball videos and let us know what you think in the comments.


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