I Spent 3 Months With A Japanese Master Craftsman

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 3, 2019
  • It's rare that we have the chance to see a true master craftsman at work. I was lucky enough to be able to follow one for 3 months, and want to share the experience with you.
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  • Tokyo Lens

    Tokyo Lens

     2 months ago +203

    Several months very well spent.
    I hope you all enjoy getting to see this behind-the-scenes peek at at the workflow of a master craftsman from here in Japan~

    If you enjoy this one, it would mean the world to me if you would take the time to share it somewhere (^-^)

  • corneliousari


     4 hours ago

    why do you breath so much, do you have COPD?

  • David Collishaw

    David Collishaw

     20 hours ago

    no health and safety nazis in japan then

  • Michael Aitchison

    Michael Aitchison


    綺麗です。 いくらですか?

  • Solomius



    I'd love to know the price you paid for that.

  • Frederick Kunitz

    Frederick Kunitz

     2 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this art. ❤️

    Do you know wharf he filled the cracks with?

  • Kevin in Paradise

    Kevin in Paradise

     2 days ago

    Awesome video. Your connection with the Master, Awesome. Respect

  • Gideon Van Bekkum

    Gideon Van Bekkum

     3 days ago

    No funeraire can beat hand(well) made wooden stuff

  • Joe O.

    Joe O.

     3 days ago

    Stark contrast to the crap they make in China.

  • BMX2


     3 days ago

    You are 1 sentimental guy.Nice.

  • Am Strad

    Am Strad

     4 days ago

    Don't worship craft - it's empty. 
    The heavy breathing, the weakness at the knees.
    This has to be comedy.

  • Bruce Martinez

    Bruce Martinez

     6 days ago

    This brought tears to me, what a wonderful experience such a wonderful master, his world to see what pain and care he put into your project, to take the time to find out who you were and to give you the reflection who he thought you were. What an experience, Enjoy.....

  • gbsk12


     6 days ago

    What is the butterfly you slide around?

  • Bryan Dover

    Bryan Dover

     6 days ago

    Norm, there are few in this world that exhibit the kind of craftsmanship you witnessed. There are trades where it exists, even here at home in the USA. I have a friend that builds cabinets, and not just any cabinets. It's often in the $100,000 range for his services. I also have a friend that makes finely crafted belts, each stitch carefully measured using the finest bridle leathers. These craftsmen like Mr. Yamaguchi are few these days.

  • Bryan Dover

    Bryan Dover

     6 days ago +1

    I find it amazing the artisanship the Japanese put into everything they make. Whether it's cars, motorcycles, music instruments, their watches and the works in them, or their electronics, the level of technical expertise, craftsmanship, quality, and ingenuity are second to none. I believe their society is what drives these principles. It's something we can only reminisce about here in the United States, by dreaming about our past achievements, not our current ones.

  • Tihr a'Lahn

    Tihr a'Lahn

     7 days ago

    What was the extra present that he included? :P

  • Northern Outlook

    Northern Outlook

     7 days ago +1

    You must be so happy. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Craig Kovatch

    Craig Kovatch

     7 days ago

    Are there photos showing more of the final result? Surprised that the video did not end with more footage of the final product

  • corneydeb


     7 days ago

    There are facets of the oriental psyche I'm impressed with like this ,almost yen like and to add a bit of humour to this post the Late Bruce Lee may have said ''when you think about the wood you become the wood''

  • Hondo Trailside

    Hondo Trailside

     7 days ago

    I love the shot of the guy running a random orbital sander. You can get schooled in that at your local auto body, or just by picking one up. I've been doing Japanese carpentry since the 70s, so I know what goes into it. But such carpentry is at one level just carpentry. Less hushed voices - learn to sharpen.