The Break with Michelle Wolf | FULL EPISODE - Perfect Sports | Netflix



  • Daniel Rand

    Daniel Rand

     a years ago +39

    STOP SPAMMING ME with Michelle Wolf every day of the week netflix!! FFS....

  • GeekGuyTai


     a years ago +7

    i just wanted to say something unrelated.
    Netflix should do their own series of Harry Potter like what they did with Unfortunate Events.
    Just suggesting.

  • Randy H.

    Randy H.

     a years ago +114

    Netflix uploaded five full episodes in a row on their YouTube channel? I guess the show has such low ratings, they're doing whatever the can to get it seen.

  • J Briggs

    J Briggs

     a years ago +6

    This is like the 200th clip that netflix has shown from this show. They don't do that with any other show. It's because the show is BOMBING. Good thing they removed ratings LOL. 5.2/10 on imdb.

  • Darjan Jamnik

    Darjan Jamnik

     a years ago +8

    is netflix aware that yt still has a rating system?...... guess not.....

  • Kelvin Wilson

    Kelvin Wilson

     a years ago +2

    I love u Michelle. Ur amazing, courageous and hilarious.

  • Slam Dunk Cosmos

    Slam Dunk Cosmos

     a years ago +98

    God I love funny women.
    Netflix should give a show to one some time.

  • James


     a years ago +57

    I will be genuinely shocked if this show makes it to the end of the year

  • Chris Redfield

    Chris Redfield

     a years ago +3

    Thumbs down die already.

  • K Blim

    K Blim

     a years ago +40

    I really think it's horrible that Netflix is exploiting this palsy girl just for cheap laughs.

  • handyhippie65


     a years ago

    baseball is 15 minutes of action, drowning in three hours of boredom. love the show. funny as a rubber crutch in a cripple ward. keep up the good work.

  • endymion


     a years ago +1

    She is so funny.... but her voice XD

  • J.R Shiels

    J.R Shiels

     a years ago +1

    Michelle is a fantastic comedian but this show focus' way too much on trying to make a political statement than a funny joke. I'm neither left wing, right wing, middle wing or any kind of wing. I cant stand politics, I much rather laugh and feel happy.

  • Frangulea Robert

    Frangulea Robert

     a years ago

    It's ok Netflix, we forgive you for this.

  • Catlin Whiteside

    Catlin Whiteside

     a years ago

    Yeah, I'm un-subscribing.
    Can't stand seeing this goffy looking chick in my notification feed so damn much.
    She looks like pennywise's daughter! XD

  • obiora obi

    obiora obi

     a years ago +1

    This is babe is truly unhinged

  • Rema


     a years ago

    Please get liza on demand on Netflix 💍It would make Many ppl happy

  • Amber _

    Amber _

     a years ago

    Does the likes ratio for this video actually reflect how people feel about the show or its politics?

  • Ronin Skylar

    Ronin Skylar

     a years ago

    She sounds like Harley Quinn with a cold

  • Turki saleh

    Turki saleh

     a years ago +5

    please stop