The Myths of Pokemon's Origin | Culture Shock (Pokemon)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
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    Pokemon has been around for YEARS! It has kept evolving and trying to keep things fresh. Except, I wonder, where does it get its inspiration? Today GG is going to show us what Pokemon has used in its research to keep its franchises ever growing. Theorists, I choose YOU!

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  • Jon Golem

    Jon Golem

     9 hours ago

    RIP Ronni Edwards.



     9 days ago

    Respect on that pronounciation

  • abcc MAF

    abcc MAF

     18 days ago

    I want a tengu man video

  • Speed Zebra

    Speed Zebra

     1 months ago

    Many of these legions are in studio gibli’s films

  • Lightning266 Ying 夏龙磷

    Lightning266 Ying 夏龙磷

     1 months ago

    Music 11:50

  • Swarnika Singh

    Swarnika Singh

     1 months ago

    I am Indian and I know English :D

  • Lauren Anderson

    Lauren Anderson

     1 months ago

    I miss Culture Shock being on this channel.

  • Angel Blanco

    Angel Blanco

     1 months ago

    5 out of 5 stars for this chanel

  • JaNet Spears

    JaNet Spears

     2 months ago

    hey Gaijin Giimba there is a show called miraclous ladybug and I was wondering is you could do a culture shook on it thanks

  • Olli Casey

    Olli Casey

     2 months ago

    I think Drowzees look is much more like a tapir than a hippo.

  • Yanika Morris

    Yanika Morris

     2 months ago

    Have you ever tried Sushi Striker: The way of sushido for the Nintendo switch? I hear it has a chalk full of Japanese culture

  • tony flamingo

    tony flamingo

     2 months ago +1

    this was the last of culture shock

  • かいじゃないつぶ


     2 months ago

    when your talking about "baku" I think Munna and Musharna are more directly referencing "baku"

  • Chikorita Lover

    Chikorita Lover

     2 months ago

    Anyone think some of the scrapped Gen 2 Pokemon should come into Gen 8?

  • Isrel156


     3 months ago

    Cyka b-*slaps self* sorry, my inner slav was coming out.

  • Armeddragon12


     3 months ago

    Wow, I'm kinda sad that so many people think Goomba is Ronnie....

  • Owen King

    Owen King

     3 months ago

    Oh god whyd you have to remind us about the pure cringe of Hillary Clinton appealing to the youth via Pokemon Go! & failing

  • Alan Gaul

    Alan Gaul

     3 months ago

    Thanks Gaijin Goomba.

  • DemonAlchemist


     3 months ago

    Darmanitan = "Darumantian"?
    Also Sinnoh = "Saino"?
    And Hohenn = "Ho-nen"?

  • revinevan87


     3 months ago