Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 2

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 26, 2013
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    Mario is gaming's biggest mascot, but what is he hiding? Is he really the hero everyone thinks he is? Have we overlooked one too many of Mario's heinous crimes. In this two part series, we put Mario on trial to see just what is going on inside the head of this "paragon" of the video game industry.

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  • Fish Fly

    Fish Fly

     20 hours ago

    Who says that Mario is not a clone?

    He most likely is cloned every time he dies.
    How dose respawning really work?
    If he was a clone would he have emotion

  • Royal Ace

    Royal Ace


    Plot Twister Bowser is trying to save Peach but that’s just a theory a Game Theory

  • Royal Ace

    Royal Ace


    Mario is a player

  • Rashir Suber

    Rashir Suber

     yesterday +1

    Hey you her that
    Weird noise going in the background
    It’s Sonic Taking Mario Girl on a Tracker
    Sonics Tracker
    If you know what I mean

  • Oliver Productions

    Oliver Productions


    How long do you think this guy’s ring finger is?

  • Penguin Lover 17

    Penguin Lover 17

     2 days ago

    8:58 look at that combo though

  • 573615737


     2 days ago

    So do you think Mario is a yendere

  • Super-KID Critic

    Super-KID Critic

     3 days ago

    You never mentioned Bowser

  • P.S Logeswari

    P.S Logeswari

     3 days ago

    But matpat he is your channel mascot

  • Anders naugle

    Anders naugle

     3 days ago

    spends to videos talking about how Mario is a sociopath
    matpat: now, do you wanna watch me play the game?

  • Carolynn Dickinson

    Carolynn Dickinson

     3 days ago

    In the part where you told us about the punishments in South America.
    How can I put this? I put my self in there shoes

  • Anti Amourshiper

    Anti Amourshiper

     3 days ago

    Mario is dead for now.

  • Jackseptic Woman

    Jackseptic Woman

     3 days ago

    Matt can literally make me believe I’m a crayon

  • Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah

     4 days ago

    2:57 no peach toy cough

  • Luke Taylor

    Luke Taylor

     4 days ago

    Every game where you get the choice to play as Mario or Luigi, choose Luigi!

  • Cosmic Phoenix

    Cosmic Phoenix

     4 days ago

    Can we reflect for a sec on how unfortunate it is to have a name like Mario Mario

  • ¿ ?

    ¿ ?

     5 days ago

    Let me be sincere, I actually didn't enjoy this video, but since I liked the first part I picked I like.

  • ¿ ?

    ¿ ?

     5 days ago

    3:15 I thought he was born and raised in the U.S.A.

  • Acnologia DragonKing

    Acnologia DragonKing

     7 days ago

    Hold on, I know this I a dumb point to focus on but why wouldn't wouldn't someone invite a female friend to an event. There are such things as guys who are friends with girls and not cheating.

  • Лев Бондаренко

    Лев Бондаренко

     7 days ago

    Mario is innocent... and I can PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Because Cranky aged, and "Mario" didn't since the days of Donkey Kong, clearly Jumpman isn't Mario. Maybe a third and older brother, most likely Mario's father.
    2. You are asking Mario to respect bugs, aren't you? Even people who are way too crazy about animal rights, like PETA say, that an animal's feelings should be accounted for not because of the animal's complex mind, place on the evolution tree, or feelings, but by the animal's ability to feel physical or moral pain, a function that insects lack. Mario was definitely not in the right for destroying the wiggler's home, but he was doing it to get a star, something he will use to rescue Peach.
    3. Mario clearly punches the Yoshi very lightly, just enough to make him extend his tongue, as the punch deals no damage. In the same game, Super Mario World, we can see what happens if someone fucks with Mario, as he can kick a castle away easily. If Mario really was beating Yoshi full power, then it wouldn't end pretty, trust me.
    4. In the canon games, Mario treats Luigi very well, as seen by his gratefulness at the end of Luigi's Mansion. Mario sports games, and Mario is Missing are non-canon. In NSMBW, Mario and Peach are going on a romantic balloon trip, and it's clear, that an awkward middle man like Luigi is not needed, and a couple needs to be left alone, so they can talk about really personal things without anyone hearing them.
    5. Pauline is Mario's mother, and not love interest. SML is at the end of the timeline after Peach chose Luigi over Mario.
    6. Toads are turned into BRICKS, not brick BLOCKS. If Mario knows about the bricks being Toads at all, which is unlikely, he is trying to save them, so that when Peach breaks the curse, they don't become Human Centipede'd together, and can just walk away, without another Toad being cemented to them. Mega Mario is so dense and large, that just a tap from him destroys anything. He is not even trying to destroy the blocks, it just happens.
    7. All the enemies are trying to kill Mario, so he acts in self-defense.
    8. When a person is put into a life-threatening situation, they are going to act without thinking, that's just nature. Mario being put over a bottomless pit won't think about anything, just his own safety. Plus, you were never intended to use Yoshi to jump out of pits, it's an unintentional quirk in the game's physics, that when you jump off of a Yoshi, you jump higher. It's certainly very exploitable.