Hwang Ye Ji - "New Rules" Dance Cover [THE FAN Ep 5]

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/jMYDBjVH9Qk


  • Jeanne '

     6 months ago

    she strained her back... if i do that choreo then i might lose my back then 😂

  • Edelisa Dela Cruz

     1 months ago

    Jeanne ' correct she do it for a beautiful performance

  • [Inactive] FruilyMinlyz프루리민리즈

     1 months ago

    When is it??

  • Suga Forever

     4 months ago

    SM: SeulgiYG: LisaJYP: Momo & YejiBH: Jimin & Jhope

  • Gian Baya

     18 days ago

    JYP: Momo, Chaeryeong,yeji😊

  • bagel

     4 months ago

    keep in mind, she sprained her back while practicing for hours before this performance. True QUEEN *stan itzy*

  • Bangtansoysauce

     26 days ago

    bagel I already do👁👄👁

  • Ryujin's girlfriend

     a months ago

    @Vuk Perović I think you misunderstood it may seem like his/her comment sound sarcastic and insincere but maybe he's trying to say that he sympathizes with her

  • Aijaz Khan

     4 months ago

    her stage presence is litshe slays every performance dance ✔sing✔rap✔expression✔stage presence ✔visual✔cute ✔badass✔ her ponytail is also on an another level ✔*YEJI IS OFFICIALLY MY ITZY BIAS*

  • Zero Hero

     29 days ago

    Perfect idol

  • highonimmi

     1 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if bae-bae yeji's ponytail had a baby with bae-bae rose's long hair....could the world handle the hair flipping sexy gymnastix this would entail?

  • You got no jams

     3 months ago

    Is she yeji from itzy? omagash ❤️❤️

  • RoA

     18 days ago

    @Namjoon's crab addiction she aint the only yeji dumbass

  • Sabrina Wu

     24 days ago

    Namjoon's crab addiction Okay this is assuming that people follow up on the latest kpop groups. Maybe its just me I don’t know but are you offended that the person didn’t know? People mistake others from different groups is common. Kpop stars also share names sometimes like Sojin (girls day and 9 muses) Hyemi (9muses and Fiestar)

  • xCupidPanda

     6 months ago

    People saying this is mediocore Just listen how stable she is while dancing like that...even other debuted idols cant relate 😆

  • Natasya

     2 months ago

    IKR🖤 My belove Yeji

  • Bondy

     3 months ago

    She's an excellent dancer, doing choreographed dance moves with precision and excellent interpretation of the music. I bet you we've not seen her full dancing talent yet. But K-Pop performance is not just about dancing, not at all. it's so much more than that.

  • prime flury

     2 months ago

    Seriously tho, jyp has so many best dancers in the industry.MomoMinaSanaYugyeomYejiChaeryoungHyunjin

  • LinLin TypicalDay

     18 days ago

    Wooyoung and Changsub-2PM

  • RoA

     18 days ago

    @Niamh Butler in what world

  • weirdo for selena

     4 months ago

    she doesn't need any backup dancers or singers to slay the stage

  • Silver Lynn

     1 months ago


  • Moonbin love me so much

     1 months ago


  • Wiktor Rogala

     2 months ago

    Stray kids episode 1 :JYP said Yeji’s dance and stage presence was the best he’s ever seen. She alone over shadowed the entire Stray Kids line up.Hyunjin said how surprised he is with her stage presenceChan said he can’t stop looking at her.Jisung said he’s scared that she may beat them. Twice said on a Vlive YEARS back, that they where scared for stray kids and especially chan because of how GOOD Yeji was and also because of how good like old friend ChaeRyeong is in dance. This is Yeji now. Imag...

  • Jenny Torres13

     29 days ago

    Wiktor Rogala doesn’t really matter just matters that they all do their best no matter what despite getting overshadowed

  • Suisen Kensei

     1 months ago

    Do u have a link?

  • nguyen캐서린

     5 months ago

    She did THAT with her back strained before the performance peopleI STAN A TALENT