DIY Rocket Slammer Pt. 2

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 14, 2018
  • Today we're finishing up our build of the Fortnite Rocket Slammer!

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  • Caza Tsang

    Caza Tsang

     2 months ago

    Why is your mic fluffy?

  • Nz Plane Spotter

    Nz Plane Spotter

     4 months ago

    DIY More like DIWhy

  • Scout Sipe

    Scout Sipe

     7 months ago

    Thousand degree nail??

  • Kadin Willis

    Kadin Willis

     11 months ago

    He should of used the the sugar rockets to make it really swing

  • Maronis DIYS & LPs

    Maronis DIYS & LPs

     a years ago

    That was bad to see.

    Cause now i need to build my very own version of it.
    Lets see, when i might have the time to realize this project.

    Genius as always.

    But i wonder if the head doesnt wobble around because the foam is not that sturdy
    in Germany as it looks in your Vid. Maybe need more scaffolding than you did.

  • It's Miller Time

    It's Miller Time

     a years ago

    Can you make a fortnite scar

  • Pro J Dog OK

    Pro J Dog OK

     a years ago

    Make a miniature Spike trap from Fort night

  • os


     a years ago +1

    I can craft Vindertech Rocket Slammers in Fortnite

  • gamer boytv

    gamer boytv

     a years ago

    Reinhardt's hammer called the rocket hammer is way more cooler
    (Reinhardt is from overwatch)

  • WillFulForza


     a years ago

    To be honest the pulverizer would have been cooler

  • good boi

    good boi

     a years ago

    Yeah i love fork knife

  • Kielpolo 14

    Kielpolo 14

     a years ago

    Its funny how this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Benjamin Cole

    Benjamin Cole

     a years ago

    Boy I just love fork knife



     a years ago

    This is from save the world right.

  • Nasty_Nate _

    Nasty_Nate _

     a years ago

    Super sledge> rocket slammer

  • banji Balogun

    banji Balogun

     a years ago

    Such talent 😮😮😮

  • Peggy Lopez

    Peggy Lopez

     a years ago

    Legendary scar!!

  • Ali Qureshi

    Ali Qureshi

     a years ago

    if your giving it Away I really want it. I am a 10 year old that has been looking forward to your pt. 2 for this

  • Doge Man

    Doge Man

     a years ago +1

    i’m just the oh hare delivery guy

  • Cillian O'Dwyer

    Cillian O'Dwyer

     a years ago

    It's so cool!!!