The "Best" Brownies You'll Ever Eat- Buzzfeed Test #129

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 6, 2018
  • Shoutouts to the jake paulers

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  • Lyndsay Jones

    Lyndsay Jones

     4 days ago

    I made them and they stated delicious and looked nothing like yours... (yours are far too black). You seemed to use light brown sugar instead of dark, the wrong chocolate etc but I loved mine :D

  • JRInTroy


     6 days ago

    Sprinkled with kosher salt 🥴

  • lidette711


     7 days ago

    Dude, if I could send you Dutch processed cocoa powder and dark brown sugar, I would.

  • Camila Dolores Torales

    Camila Dolores Torales

     7 days ago

    I just made this recipe with the exact same coco as you and they were just as disappointing. Now I know I didn't fuck it up, it's just a crappy recipe

  • crydelight m

    crydelight m

     7 days ago

    It was the coco powder but that reaction was priceless. I’ve never seen your videos before but I’m gonna follow you now....😆

  • Miles Sampson

    Miles Sampson

     14 days ago +2

    You definitely did it wrong. I made them for a party and got a, “oh wow🤤” every time someone tried them!

  • Matthew Tamio

    Matthew Tamio

     14 days ago

    Other mistake you've made is that you just melted the butter. You need to make it bubbling because it adds depth to flavor and also, it's obvious that it is overcooked.

  • Carson merck

    Carson merck

     14 days ago +1

    I tried this recipe and they're not that good

  • allwyn lobo

    allwyn lobo

     1 months ago

    Try Malaysian cocoa and bake for 30 mins

  • a druken toddler

    a druken toddler

     1 months ago

    I made these and they were AMAZING, not sure what you fuked up at, but pretty sure you're the reason why that batch sucked.

  • Felix Bennett

    Felix Bennett

     1 months ago

    He’s using the wrong brown sugar. He’s using light rather than dark

  • Kitty Bakes

    Kitty Bakes

     1 months ago

    Here’s some substitution tips for ingredients you may not have:

    1/2 cup cocoa powder + 1/2 tsp baking soda = 1/2 cup dutch processed cocoa powder

    1 tbsp dark roast instant coffee = 1 tbsp espresso powder

    1 cup light brown sugar + 1 tbsp molasses/maple syrup or 1 cup white granulated sugar + 4 tbsp molasses/maple syrup = 1 cup dark brown sugar

    2 tbsp kosher salt or pink Himalayan salt = 2 tbsp sea salt

    Hope this helps :)

  • Graveyard Landlord

    Graveyard Landlord

     1 months ago

    I tried this recipe few times following exactly how tasty make it and it taste good and auromatic. the batter itself is good that i can't help tasting it.

  • J P

    J P

     1 months ago

    lol i think the dark cocoa is the dutched process. i was staring at it for a while but underneath SPECIAL DARK it says blend of natural and dutched cocoas...just did this a couple of days ago...AWESOME...gonna do the fudgey one

  • Vic Art

    Vic Art

     1 months ago

    Tbh, it can taste great with light brown sugar too, just use 70% and higher percentage chocolate and something like Extra Brute cocoa powder. I make this recipe all the time, it never failed me.

  • Stupid Sss

    Stupid Sss

     1 months ago

    Why backing bars?

    They’re disgusting 🤢 but you know do what you want 😂

  • Maria Jesus Paez Flores

    Maria Jesus Paez Flores

     1 months ago

    I did used different cocoa, different chocolate and different sugar so...lmao

  • rslash wooosh

    rslash wooosh

     1 months ago

    All the the dislikes are the jake paul fans

  • — 莉娜nina

    — 莉娜nina

     2 months ago

    the cocoa powder you used was 100% cacao... so of course it’s going to taste bad ???

  • Bahareh R

    Bahareh R

     2 months ago

    I made these and they turned out incredible you for sure did something wrong