Meatless Sloppy Joes

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
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  • Milton Humphus

    Milton Humphus

     5 months ago

    Hey Tasty thanks for recipe sounds great :)

  • Candice Young

    Candice Young

     7 months ago

    been weening my kids and I off of animal products...making this TONITE!!

  • Robert Gene Rosero

    Robert Gene Rosero

     9 months ago

    Im not complaining but I dont think Worcestershire sauce is vegan

  • meghan noble

    meghan noble

     9 months ago

    Newbie approved

  • SingleLaneRoad


     11 months ago

    I so don't understand why people get so upset about meatless stuff. If you want to eat meat fine, you say vegans are annoying? the people who come onto a meatless meal and complain it is meatless are annoying! right up there with the idiots that say they are carnivores (nope you are omnivores and so are vegans, they just don't eat all the food groups they are made to eat).

    Most men are meant to cut down their intake of meat.
    Most women and children are meant to increase their intake of meat.

    And they didn't trick anyone, they literally said meatless in the title!!!!

  • OceanSound100


     a years ago

    Just made it - turned out good ! We loved it. So easy and
    cheap to make and that's a plus.

  • Mimi's WRLD

    Mimi's WRLD

     a years ago

    I never eat vegetables because they're disgusting. I haven't eaten vegetables in a month or 2 now.

  • Justin C.

    Justin C.

     a years ago

    It's really pathetic how meat eaters can be so mean to Vegans + Vegetarians. And vice versa.

    Food is food. We can make a meatless version of a Sloppy Joe if we damn well please. 😌

  • Nilam Prasad

    Nilam Prasad

     a years ago

    That's an indian dish called pav bhaji

  • Lama Mahmoud

    Lama Mahmoud

     a years ago


  • Beethoviet Union TH

    Beethoviet Union TH

     a years ago

    0:38 What was that? I can't read!

  • Third Herd

    Third Herd

     a years ago

    For a group of people that detest meat products, they sure go out of their way to make their food taste like meat dishes.

  • Legendary Derp duck

    Legendary Derp duck

     a years ago

    Wait isn’t the point of sloppy joes to be full of sloppy meat?

  • William Cornaby

    William Cornaby

     a years ago

    Thats gonna be a sloppy no for me!

  • Melissa Silva

    Melissa Silva

     a years ago

    Ummm very good

  • Eva Giesbrecht

    Eva Giesbrecht

     a years ago

    This.....this is not a sloppy Joe.

  • Alyxz Kesta

    Alyxz Kesta

     a years ago

    I didn't hear the "Oh, yes!"

    I'm concerned.

    I doubt the tastiness of this now.

  • David Thomas

    David Thomas

     a years ago thanks

  • Gabriela Retana

    Gabriela Retana

     a years ago

    I live in El Salvador and tvp is widely used, even by non vegans/vegetarians. It's really good, nutritious and cheap.

  • Mrs. S

    Mrs. S

     a years ago

    All you meat eaters who eat processed meats are eating HUGE amounts of tvp all the time anyway. It's in tons of products. The more you know huh? 😉