Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global



  • Thunder93ita


     2 months ago +7203

    Colin: i’m now gonna guess your browser history
    Judges: X X X X

  • Vesna Mcphee

    Vesna Mcphee

     1 months ago +1090

    I would hate playing rock, paper, scissors with this guy

  • Anonymous [26490]

    Anonymous [26490]

     1 months ago +2150

    “I will predict the murder of Simon Cowell”
    Simon: im not dead
    “Before it happens”
    Simon: ah okay, that makes sense

  • ari _d

    ari _d

     1 months ago +2575

    is no one thinking about the fact that mel b didn’t even check if the knife was real and just stabbed him. what if it was a real knife i-

  • Corbyte


     1 months ago +2087

    The awkward moment on 10:20 when the girl in front of the blonde girl stands up

  • savad farooque

    savad farooque

     2 months ago +8808

    He probably has the most loyal girlfriend In the world.



     1 months ago +1463

    After licking her hand
    Colin Cloud: Did you go to the toilet without washing your hands ?
    Her: Yes.

  • Yu Sheng Ngo

    Yu Sheng Ngo

     2 months ago +908

    6:26 Of cos dj khaled will say another 1

  • The Zesty Lime

    The Zesty Lime

     1 months ago +252

    But Sherlock Holmes wasn't a mind-reader, he was just a master of deduction

  • Alejandro Diaz-Sanchez

    Alejandro Diaz-Sanchez

     1 months ago +732

    Asks audience for animals and names...
    Chooses cat and the name oscar...
    Everybody: surprised pikachu face

  • Jorge Orozco

    Jorge Orozco

     14 days ago +371

    Is anyone wondering what would have happened if the judges got a blue cheetah named Charlie??

  • kaleiidoscoop


     1 months ago +367

    It's even weirder because i was thinking "Welp, I'd choose the white knife . Black is too obvious"

  • Fabricio Santos

    Fabricio Santos

     1 months ago +127

    Sherlock: "Think of a single word to describe yourself"
    Me: "trash I guess"

  • Aquila db

    Aquila db

     4 days ago +15

    Just imagine if he pulled out a blue cheetah out of that box🤣

  • ManlyMan TheMan

    ManlyMan TheMan

     2 months ago +704

    6:16 "Simon what do you think the first digit is?"
    Simon : one
    DJ Khaled : another "one"

  • KaiSau


     1 months ago +69

    3:43 the guy on the right is thinking: „who tf is miller?“ 😂

  • Strangelife


     28 days ago +141

    Girlss... You can't cheat on this guy, he is extremely dangerous 😂



     14 days ago +107

    Mel : Oh mY GoD , Simon , ITs a FaMiLy ShOw!!!!
    "mel's skirt semi see through showing butt"

  • パウル


     1 months ago +67

    A very simple game I learned as a child, You Lie, You Die

  • Amixii OwO

    Amixii OwO

     21 days ago +56

    First thing the white cat sees:
    People screaming
    (º Д º*)