How to Make a Breakfast Burger | Sean in the Wild

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 15, 2017
  • How do you combine a perfect smashed burger with a classic breakfast sandwich? Find out as Sean Evans gets schooled by Hard Times Sundaes proprietor Andrew Zurica, a patty purist who flips the "put an egg on it" craze on its head: Instead of putting a fried egg on his burgers, he throws a griddled patty inside an NYC-style bacon, egg, and cheese. Learn how to make it on the latest episode of Sean in the Wild.

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    Season 1
    Episode 25

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  • dschafar1987



    Poppy seed kaiser roll...or as we call it in germany: pretty normal bland breakfast roll :-D

  • chill bang

    chill bang


    Extremely obnoxious guy with a pretentious ego

  • Devin Waldron

    Devin Waldron

     7 days ago

    Hey this is the ecstasy trafficker from the barstool pizza review

  • lambshanker


     14 days ago

    new york blowhards mane

  • Anthony


     14 days ago

    not putting sauce on a burger is absurd. if he woulda kept it over easy i could see it but he didnt so it needs ketchup or something

  • drunk and Cory

    drunk and Cory

     14 days ago

    This guy attitude sucks not a good way to make money

  • Raleigh Weisser

    Raleigh Weisser

     21 days ago

    “Keep it simple stupid”

  • Harry Pender

    Harry Pender

     28 days ago +2

    God this guy is so tough.
    People ask for egg on burger
    This mf: aFtEr I wAs AbUsEd FoR a WhIlE

  • TheRaulsta


     1 months ago

    Keep it simple stoopid

  • Jim


     1 months ago

    I like mustard on my burger so fuk off

  • John MoyaSODMG

    John MoyaSODMG

     1 months ago

    Dude's talks mad shit cuz he doesn't make eye contact

  • Ben only Eats popeyes

    Ben only Eats popeyes

     1 months ago

    The only thing missing, is hot sauce on the burger.

  • Dave Hobba

    Dave Hobba

     1 months ago

    This guy is awesome. A juicy burger doesn't mean half a jar of mayo on the bun like many fast food chains. If he was on Seinfeld, he could be the Burger Nazi.

  • Tol Tol

    Tol Tol

     1 months ago

    Like my women alittle bit nasty

  • T D

    T D

     1 months ago

    He's right fuck that egg, put it on the bottom.He put the egg on top that's bullshit.

  • PsychedelicGaming


     1 months ago

    I mean. Fried hash browns too. Bam.

  • apiscitelli


     1 months ago

    This guy's a douchebag

  • Kieran Law

    Kieran Law

     1 months ago

    That burger is fucking RAW!!!

  • Blake Ames

    Blake Ames

     1 months ago

    This guy reminds me of Tony Soprano because everything he says is factually incorrect.

  • bearshark p

    bearshark p

     2 months ago

    This mans opinion on mayonnaise is the truest thing ever