Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice Dome

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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  • csm mbl

    csm mbl

     7 days ago


  • invs ink

    invs ink

     2 months ago

    me: lisp

  • Chantha Leonard

    Chantha Leonard

     2 months ago

    Rice in a bundt cake?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH😲

  • Md Nazim

    Md Nazim

     8 months ago

    Can we skip mirin and use vinegar???

  • Mahrukh


     a years ago

    I just tried this recipe on my channel. Check it out if you want :)

  • Sometimes it snows in April

    Sometimes it snows in April

     a years ago

    That is NOT fried rice.

  • Mapleapf


     a years ago +1

    Just made this and... sooooo goooood ❤️😍

  • FlyTitan


     a years ago

    Rice, Rice, Baby

  • Austro AT

    Austro AT

     a years ago

    Yummy i loved also China Food 🍲

  • s u z i e L

    s u z i e L

     a years ago

    For a second I thought the ace family uploaded a video lol but the food looks good

  • Fatima Kamran

    Fatima Kamran

     a years ago

    is it just me or is the 'duh duh' near the second half of the video really bloody creepy

  • Walter Clements

    Walter Clements

     a years ago

    Id rather use white rice

  • kim jong in

    kim jong in

     a years ago

    Is there any substitute for mirin

  • Rachel Hildebrand

    Rachel Hildebrand

     a years ago

    TASTY CHALLENGE - make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

  • Saturnalia87


     a years ago

    Don't use sesame oil to fry stuff, you won't get any flavor and it's just not a good oil to use like that.

    It's supposed to go in when it's finished.

  • catur pambudi

    catur pambudi

     a years ago

    Indonesia mix Japanese food

  • GabeKMC


     a years ago

    can you just give us the recipe rather than making some dumb dome with it

  • Stkrdknmibalz


     a years ago

    0:54 wont that rice become soggy?

  • Rashida Sayed

    Rashida Sayed

     a years ago

    pretty cool..i guess its more of a veg pulao n fried rice combo with fried chicken...wudnt the rice turn soggy with that raw egg in there

  • Juliana Hilliard

    Juliana Hilliard

     a years ago

    That’s one of my dream meals to make