Game Theory: Pokemon Are Going EXTINCT! (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 18, 2017
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    The Alola Islands have a BIG Problem, and it’s name is Yungoos. Humans on Alola imported the Yungoos to rid the island of unwanted vermin, like the Rattata. What they didn’t realize is that this has a far greater effect than what they intended. Because the Yungoos is not native to Alola, it has no natural predators there, and this allows it to live unchecked! In this episode, I’ll reveal how the imported Yungoos will DESTROY Alola’s ecosystem and native Pokemon!

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  • Aim


     2 years ago +9132

    Matpat, you nailed this theory on invasive species, cause I live on Oahu, and you see a whole bunch of invasive species here, from like you said, feral cats, mongoose, even some plants like mangrove. Nice to hear our problems in the islands then our local news telling us.

  • Erick Tagnipez

    Erick Tagnipez

     17 hours ago

    Me in 2019: I am gonna catch 20 million of each species

  • enrique flores

    enrique flores



  • Jessi Abney

    Jessi Abney


    pulls out a team of a Zapdos Articuno Moltes Suicine Entai and Mewtwo
    Im going huntin today
    Thinking maybe even picking up harmful toxins
    Cats, Mongeese, and maybe some small weird potato bag people

  • Jessi Abney

    Jessi Abney



  • DJ Yanna

    DJ Yanna



  • Insane Zayn

    Insane Zayn


    This is how long mat pat was looking for his keys

  • carimah edres

    carimah edres


    Can u put austin with ure videos bcause i like it when he shouts kinda resembles me from the inside

  • Harley England

    Harley England

     3 days ago

    I've rewatched this video like three times because Mat bringing up invasive species in Hawaii has actually helped for a project

  • Captain Larue

    Captain Larue

     4 days ago

    Matpat: Pokemon EXTINCTION
    Me, present time in 2019: Looks at Masuda


  • Kids World

    Kids World

     5 days ago

    MatPat: Explains how the Pokemon will go extinct
    Me: Hold on... I have an Eevee, a Slowbro, and an Alolan Raichu.
    Also me: Well, time to catch a Vullaby, Delibird and Igglybuff.
    P.S. I also have a Ditto. UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF THOSE POKEMON!!! :D
    No extinction here!

  • Galaxy Gaming

    Galaxy Gaming

     7 days ago +1

    Matpat:eevee is going extinct

  • Kenzie Rivera

    Kenzie Rivera

     7 days ago

    Not Slowpoke!!!!!

  • Xx Red xX

    Xx Red xX

     7 days ago

    Deathcap is the name for my Makuhita... and I have a Meowth.

    CALL ME TEAM ROCKET...! It’s time to “unite all the people within our nation....AGAINST THE ROGUE POKÉMON WE SEE IN ALOLA!!!!

  • Amelia Jaekle

    Amelia Jaekle

     7 days ago +1

    Humans are like an invasive species then.

  • Penguin


     7 days ago

    After Matpat says the pokemon that are going to go extinct by yungoos..."


    Me: ...Ah great Nintendo great mistake you made that some pokemon are going extinct...

  • Lily Valentine

    Lily Valentine

     7 days ago

    what. in. he. world. is. igglybuff.

  • Lego Minifugers Series 5

    Lego Minifugers Series 5

     7 days ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! eevee!

  • Aggie Waggie

    Aggie Waggie

     7 days ago +2

    Humans are definitely invasive species.

  • warhammer fish

    warhammer fish

     7 days ago

    What would the Ftc label this