Do This to Grow Plant Faster 1000 times | Air Pruning DIY Experiment Hacks

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  • Today am really excited to share some knowledge with an experiment and hack to grow plants faster than usual. You can try and implement on your plants to make them grow faster, healthier, stronger and better yielding. And am sure you will be really shocked to see the results of this gardening hack at the end of the video. You can grow a large fruit tree in a smaller container using this method. I will also show you which containers to choose for this method and also How you can make your own DIY pots and planters at home for this purpose. And All my videos are based on scientific research and are proven methods in gardening. All that’s coming up.
    Well, We will start with the Term AIR PRUNING. You might have heard about Air Layering, Water Layering and Root Pruning. But what is Air Pruning. This is a pretty simple concept. I will try to make it more simplified in this video but very quickly without boring you and I shall explain the scientific details. Please watch the entire video and we will leave the complicated microscopic level explanation to the scientists and the PHDs.

    So, the Air pruning benefits - It not only provides an enormous surface area to absorb those soil nutrients, but Drainage will also improve, increasing the amount of oxygen in the root zone and reducing the pooling of water, which in turn reduces the risk of root rot. You will notice faster growth of plants, healthier plants, and significantly increased yields.
    So, Now How do I implement this in my Containers at Home gardening or Container gardening Level?
    Best is to start air pruning early. When a cutting or seedling has rooted, you can transplant it into a air pruning pots.

    So, Now we will look into different ways to design your own DIY air pruning pots and planters.
    Watch video.
    Actually this was my first experience with air pruning and at present I Personally feel we should use air pruning on every plant we grow in containers. Try it yourself; you won’t be disappointed. Will keep adding more plants to this technique and will share the results with you in my coming videos including the DIY Jeans air pruning pot we made. So that you don’t have to spend money on those costly hitec air pruning pots available in market.
    If there are so many Pros on air pruning, there should be some disadvantages too.
    The only disadvantage I see is the Plants dry out quicker than conventional pots, so frequent watering or drip irrigation is recommended.

    So, there you have it folks, That was something new to learn in gardening – that’s about Air pruning and Gardening Hacks on Air pruning. If you like the video, please hit a thumbs up for me and also share this video on social media and friends. Do let me know your queries in the comments section below the video. Also do let me your experience with air pruning and also some more DIY ideas for air pruning pots. Also consider subscribing to the channel if you are new to the channel. Happy Gardening !
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