Every Dinosaur In 'Jurassic Park' Series Explained | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Nathan Smith, associate curator in the Dinosaur Institute at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, talks about every dinosaur that appears in the Jurassic Park films. How realistically were the dinosaurs in the films portrayed? Is the T-Rex actually the king of the dinosaurs? Is the real life Dilophosaurus actually SCARIER than its film counterpart? Nathan uses his dino-expertise to highlight the similarities and differences between what we know now, and how the movies depicted them.

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    Every Dinosaur In 'Jurassic Park' Series Explained | WIRED
  • Source: https://youtu.be/hcUAJNqxrUY


  • Emilio Micheals

    Emilio Micheals

     3 hours ago

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  • Bruno Kooij

    Bruno Kooij

     15 hours ago

    Keep you`re mouth straight.

  • David Goodwin

    David Goodwin

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  • Ocram


     17 hours ago

    F for the Dimorphodons not spoken about

  • Rick Borghuis

    Rick Borghuis

     18 hours ago

    You forget the dimphorodon



     18 hours ago

    Stygimoloch ?

  • MrPooPooJohn


     19 hours ago

    Spoiler alert: the first one was the only good one.

  • jose flores

    jose flores


    He didnt do dimorphodons

  • Oliver Ockeloen Torbensen

    Oliver Ockeloen Torbensen


    Jurassic Park dinosaurs arent realistic, but they weren't meant to be. The point is the Jurassic Park movies are cool, and the made dinosaurs more popular, which lots of dino experts like.

  • Mega 04

    Mega 04

     yesterday +1

    Excuse you the spinosaurus is the largest carnivore known

  • ashwin.s 408

    ashwin.s 408

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    Every Autobots/Decepticons in Transformers series explained!!!

  • Ozvoid


     2 days ago

    *In parrelel universe, where dinos, dead as they may be, can still watch humans.*
    "Heh, plebs, thay have no idea."

  • Yesenia Marie

    Yesenia Marie

     3 days ago

    This was great

  • Sean C

    Sean C

     3 days ago

    He really just glossed over the fact that one of the most popular and most widely associated dinosaurs, that being the Velociraptor, isn't exactly right in the film... It wasn't even an accident really, they knew that the dinosaur being shown wasn't a Velociraptor at all, and the "mistake" was actually a choice. The most likely "actual" dinosaur to compare to, based on approximate size, would be Deinonychus. They, along with Velociraptor (and 4 or 5 others) are all of a similar species, with very similar body shapes and that distinctive large toe-claw. But when it came down to the marketing they used the name Velociraptor because it frankly is easier to say than Deinonychus, but mostly because Velociraptor just sounds a lot more impressive and scary overall.

  • Big Jax

    Big Jax

     3 days ago

    Thanks for the information.

  • Aman Chase

    Aman Chase

     4 days ago

    The meaning bull is here the cartosuars.

  • Aman Chase

    Aman Chase

     4 days ago

    No animal or any Rex’s or even go*zilla ,besides grim lock because he breathes fire.

  • Aman Chase

    Aman Chase

     4 days ago

    It would been a vs between indominus rex vs Tyrannosaurus rex ,Guzilla vs Tyrannosaurus rex ,Transformers:Grim lock vs Tyrannosaurus rex.Who will win of course Grim lock is metal,and the other animal will die cause of his metal like teeth.

  • Ultimate KungfuMantis

    Ultimate KungfuMantis

     4 days ago

    Mamenchisaut and stygymoloch?

  • fr3@kb!+¢h


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