The Ancient Origins Of Kirby's Hats UNCOVERED! | Culture Shock

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 15, 2018
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    Nintendo has some famous hats. Mario's and Luigi's. Cappy. And the pink blob with the unending closet - Kirby. Now Kirby's hats are just for fashion - they are a physical representation of his powers. But they also have a rich cultural history! Today Gaijin Goombah is exploring the origins of Kirby's many hats!

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  • Grant Marchok

    Grant Marchok

     1 months ago

    The left one is like: "Hammer YEET!".

  • ISharpZS


     1 months ago

    Why is this unlisted?

  • Sebastian Cornelius

    Sebastian Cornelius

     3 months ago +1

    You know that bomb Kirby’s hat is a “Party Popper” right?
    Also you got the cutter copy ability wrong. It’s actually based of the greek Hoplite helmet used by the Corinthians during the Trojan war.
    Sorry mate :^(
    Liked the video though :^)

  • M. ierardi

    M. ierardi

     3 months ago

    Ugh, well I like Gaijin Goomba enough to tolerate giving Game Theorists traffic.

  • Enchiladas Animatic! And More!

    Enchiladas Animatic! And More!

     3 months ago

    It's the Staff Ability not the "stick" ability

  • Kenneth Rogers

    Kenneth Rogers

     5 months ago

    It should be noted that Arale was also the inspiration behind the Chrono Trigger character Lucca.

  • mega sonic hunter Ramirez

    mega sonic hunter Ramirez

     8 months ago

    6:57 determanation

  • Cammo Kitty

    Cammo Kitty

     9 months ago

    I think bomb kirby is more like party hat

  • Azraf Rahman

    Azraf Rahman

     9 months ago

    Kirby is a Amoeba.

  • Shameful shape

    Shameful shape

     10 months ago

    its because his wand looks like a cane that most jesters carry around or at least in pop CULTURE

  • Eric Pham

    Eric Pham

     10 months ago

    Why is this video unlisted

  • Aaron Raynor

    Aaron Raynor

     10 months ago

    maybe you should take a look at marx ,maybe he may have some answers on what the deal is with the beam ability

  • Rj Sagaya

    Rj Sagaya

     10 months ago

    The jester hat may be a reference to the trickster archetype in a lot of cultures- especially Indo-European cultures. Loki, Maui, Hermes, etc.

  • Gabriel Valle

    Gabriel Valle

     11 months ago

    Why get take down? Is it about the OBVIOUS party popper??

  • Lita Palafox

    Lita Palafox

     11 months ago

    Journey to the west yes favorite story

  • Derrick Meek

    Derrick Meek

     11 months ago

    3:05 what movie is that scene from?

  • jewel jaye

    jewel jaye

     a years ago

    I have a friend some boys in my class made fun of her culture.😤😡😡🤬🤭😠

  • Jacob Bondurant

    Jacob Bondurant

     a years ago

    Man, I would’ve LUVED to an explanation on some of Kirby’s other hats like Crash or Throw.

  • Eeybui Vee

    Eeybui Vee

     a years ago

    video: *the phrase "Journey to the West"*

  • Freyja The Healer

    Freyja The Healer

     a years ago

    What he says about the Indigenous feathers is true. I met a woman in her mid twenties who had said she earned her fury feather when she was about 20 and said she can’t imagine having like 10 or 20