Stupid Things I Do

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 27, 2017
  • WE all do stupid things from time to time BUT i do alot more. Here are my stories CHUN CHUUUNN

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  • Tsunami Blade

    Tsunami Blade

     2 hours ago

    jaiden: self conciousness
    adam: depression from losing his juice box

  • Laura Winer

    Laura Winer

     12 hours ago

    I think i have adhd because i do the same thing but my “ friends”call me small brain for it

  • Skylander Lego

    Skylander Lego

     23 hours ago

    Adam should write jokes for asdf movie

  • Abigail Reynolds

    Abigail Reynolds


    I am the master camander

  • Aaron Lavorgna

    Aaron Lavorgna


    Wear not where




    How do I send fan art

  • Minecraftrex32


     2 days ago

    Two things
    1. The amount of comments that have people saying they can relate to his ADHD is too much, it’s so common, it doesn’t make any of us special, I’m not trying to be mean, just saying, I can’t stand seeing something like that over and over again
    2. I am also a teenager and I always do stupid shit because I have an I DONT GIVE A FUCK attitude

  • Smash Bros

    Smash Bros

     2 days ago

    Ya suck... 🤯

  • BunBun Film's LPS

    BunBun Film's LPS

     2 days ago

    I have ADHD TOO😮

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki

     2 days ago +1

    Then wen i die i cant

  • Ninja Kirito

    Ninja Kirito

     3 days ago

    Yeah he’s an idiot

  • Nurin Amani

    Nurin Amani

     3 days ago

    You probaly do weirder shit
    Me: true

  • Telmo Esteves

    Telmo Esteves

     3 days ago

    Dunno why this video made me smile but it did. Thank you.



     3 days ago

    And then Adam my juice box



     3 days ago

    Me oh my gosh I can't believe my dog just died my second dog that just died too I can't believe all this is happening at once

  • PokemonNoble


     3 days ago

    Not very many try to look stupid
    Err gonna have to pass on that one chief

  • Alpha Gamer Wolf

    Alpha Gamer Wolf

     4 days ago

    Don’t use a script
    I’m just saying this so every one will know but Thor ragnorock was only 20% scripted,when Thor threw Loki unscripted

  • HeroGamerDX3


     4 days ago +1

    He sounded so distressed....

    My juice bawx...

  • Jaden Ruiz

    Jaden Ruiz

     4 days ago

    Poopy like it

  • Liz


     4 days ago

    I have ADHD too!