the secret world of the japanese swordsmith

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 16, 2014
  • Documentary from 1997
    ©1997 Troivision Co., Ltd/Warabe No Mori Co., Ltd. kobayashi dldg, 4-7 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan

    The Japanese sword is the soul of the Samurai. The crafting of this work of art - which embodies beauty, strength and tradition - has been shrouded in secrecy for more than thousand years.
    Because of the highly advanced techniques and numerous years of dedicated effort required in crafting Japanese swords, the skill has always been a closely kept and jealously guarded secret.
    Yohindo Yoshihara is a consummate Japanese swordsmith and a very high regarded Mukansa craftman in Japan. He is also the best-known Japanes swordsmith outside of Japan.
    His masterpieces have been purchased for exhibit by the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City and the Museum of fine Arts in Boston. He has numerous fans worldwide, including His Royal highness, king Gustav of Sweden.
    This video has been produced to appeal to all aficionados of Japanese sword around the world and is a treasure trove of sercrets to Yohindo Yoshihara's truly outstanding Japanese sword craftsmanship.
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  • Fearless 777

    Fearless 777

     10 hours ago

    You can just use a lighter now to light up the fire.

  • Erium


     13 hours ago +1

    I wonder how many weaboos went a mile 2 inches at a time while watching this video...jesus fucking christ the level of absurdity present here. "Japanese paper"...right.



     16 hours ago

    If it's a secret, it wouldn't be on youtube. What a wank.

  • E. Spatharius

    E. Spatharius

     20 hours ago

    This is why I buy Japanese vehicles made in Japan because they have an oath of quality over quantity.

  • Idontneednostinkingchannel



    OOPS! Not a secret anymore!

  • Early Cuyler

    Early Cuyler


    Lol...ok boomer. actually its just a sword. nothing more,nothing less. There is no " spirit" or any other esoteric quality that makes it any more than a well engineered chuck of steel.there is no magic powers enchanted into them.the swordmakers were smart and knew what they were doing.just becaise the general public do not understand it does not make it supernatural. All the cerimonial bullshit is an act to show how important the actual science is.

  • Brandon Izzarelli

    Brandon Izzarelli


    I bet that guy really has one hell of a NY accent!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sohaib Wildan Khan

    Sohaib Wildan Khan


    Karana is the most deadliest weapon

  • OldSkool 55F100

    OldSkool 55F100


    A real master of steel doesn't use a belt sander to shape the Sword.. He Hammered it into final shape... Minimal file work required. Amazing skill...

  • dave keim

    dave keim


    the last sword I made took me about three months working on it eight to twelve hours a day six days a week.

  • kuuhaku 「」

    kuuhaku 「」


    What i lile about katana is that the proces of making one is seen as an art. And thus create one of the most beautiful sword.

  • Gogeta Blue26

    Gogeta Blue26

     3 days ago

    Watch this obsidian idiot maker lol

  • Igor Freitas

    Igor Freitas

     3 days ago

    Abraço de Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Mike Rotch

    Mike Rotch

     3 days ago

    Such craftmanship and beauty, and such potential for unimaginable horror.

  • Machinegun Preacher

    Machinegun Preacher

     4 days ago

    What nobody tells you is the reason all this has to go into making traditional nihonto is because tamahagane is a fairly poor material for sword making. The real genius isn't behind the type of steel or in any quasi-mystical, super-intelligence that only Japanese masters could have. The genius is in how they figured out how to make a blade of that length out of such a mediocre steel.

    That is why it takes so long (though really not much longer than forging any other sword from scratch) and so much fine tuning. The material is actually inferior to nearly all "western" steels used in the same era. That's by no means a knock against it, - Don't misunderstand, I love it! And I love nihonto, we just have to keep our little feet on the ground - it's just the facts of the matter.

  • Catspaw


     4 days ago +7

    This is very interesting & fascinating imagine learning from the master on how to make a Japanese sword?

  • william mccann

    william mccann

     4 days ago +5

    cool how he used the hammer and rod to start fire pretty impresive.

  • william mccann

    william mccann

     4 days ago

    fuck the sword it be no good if u got attacked by a nutter with a uzi.

  • William Scott

    William Scott

     4 days ago

    Oh yeah, I made pancakes today

  • M J

    M J

     5 days ago

    2:03 ...and next week, we meet Baka, the swordsmith who has dedicated his life to making the most useless swords imaginable, utilizing the ancient art of Chindogu.