MEGA Solar Scorcher Upgrade



  • Cellgaming 123

    Cellgaming 123

     a years ago +278

    Man! The upgrade just made it so much better!

  • Cody Whitlock

    Cody Whitlock

     a years ago +86

    All ants be warned 😂

  • Dr. Doe

    Dr. Doe

     a years ago +70

    Rest in Piece old Solar Scorcher 2013-2018
    Nice Upgrade too

  • Michael You

    Michael You

     a years ago +221

    please turn rocks into lava and then try casting with it
    like if you agree

  • Matt


     a years ago +13

    Original video was posted 5 years ago ????? Man time flies

  • CynB


     a years ago +69

    How about building an actual working solar oven? Perhaps a small folding one for camping/survival and a bigger one for daily home use?

  • jaspr1999


     a years ago +93

    I use an identical gate handle on my doors, opposite of the doorknobs, so I can easily pull my doors closed from my wheelchair. I had to chuckle when I saw it. Very handy handle!!! I love your design!

  • william funk

    william funk

     a years ago +13

    Now build a small steam engine powered by the solar scorcher!

  • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

     a years ago +31

    We neeed this in action

  • LAC Clemont

    LAC Clemont

     a years ago +27

    That face though.

  • Naruto Shippuden

    Naruto Shippuden

     a years ago +30

    You're more popular than Nickelodeon

  • Salute Blaster

    Salute Blaster

     a years ago +25

    Could you light the forge with a solar scorcher? im interested.

  • manky monkey 123

    manky monkey 123

     a years ago +88

    hi can you pleas make a simple cheap bow and arrow

  • Michael You

    Michael You

     a years ago +138

    make a lava lamp

  • Arjun Krishna

    Arjun Krishna

     a years ago +31

    Nice pose 👍

  • Made in France

    Made in France

     a years ago +4

    Now everyone would agree, you must burn the original solar scortcher with the new one. I know it may sound brutal, but that’s just the way it is 😌

  • Moon Lynx

    Moon Lynx

     a years ago +5

    Make a solar powered metal foundry

  • Matt Long

    Matt Long

     a years ago +22

    I saw you at a play last night! (The little Mermaid)

  • Specific Love Creations

    Specific Love Creations

     a years ago +42

    Nice upgrade



     a years ago +3

    Can you make Lightning become Power soures of electricity
    (Lightning Generator?)