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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 16, 2018
  • It's National Tell A Joke Day! What better excuse than to enjoy some of the best comedians on Britain's Got Talent from over the years... who had you laughing hardest?
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    Britain's Got Talent

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  • Top Talent

    Top Talent

     a years ago +50

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  • toppertruthio


     14 days ago

    And where are they now? answers on a postage stamp please

  • Why not

    Why not

     14 days ago

    In the first one why did Aleesha(?) Have tinfoil earrings

  • mBabe


     1 months ago

    Daliso Chaponda killed it.

  • Linda Röth

    Linda Röth

     1 months ago

    i like that black guy from malawi. his gap in his teeth makes him very funny when he smiles. hes great.

  • Mick Winters

    Mick Winters

     1 months ago

    That was awesome guys, thanks:)

  • Lekshmi Krishna

    Lekshmi Krishna

     1 months ago

    No preacher!!!

  • freedom1234573


     2 months ago

    You cant google... a chav has to walk 10 miles for WK....what in heck did it mean? What's a Brumy?

  • Science Lover

    Science Lover

     2 months ago

    The first comedian made me feel nothing. Daliso is the best...

  • A-6M ZERO

    A-6M ZERO

     2 months ago


  • Allen Manvers

    Allen Manvers

     2 months ago

    Great stuff. Here in the US its hard to get the English accent but i reRun it a lot to get the humor but not always. Love the fresh new talent. Thank you

  • ValmisFilm


     2 months ago

    19:12 I did not get his jokes at all... what a waste of a golden buzzer.

  • That one roblox Gamer girl :3

    That one roblox Gamer girl :3

     2 months ago

    Last guy needs lovin

  • ibrika aye aye

    ibrika aye aye

     3 months ago

    Actually , comedians should be well talented it's not easy to be a good comedian because making people laugh is not like the way you and I think

  • Jonas Butler

    Jonas Butler

     3 months ago +7

    Daliso needs his own show immediately.

  • Matt Davis

    Matt Davis

     3 months ago +2

    Love the adverts bang in the middle of the emotions,,,

  • PanikdAtTheProm


     3 months ago

    I wonder how they judge these. I mean, you cannot judge acrobatics the same way you judge a comedian. But I am more impressed that they can stop laughing, I would be laughing well into the next act.

  • Danny


     3 months ago +1

    Is that Gordon Ramsey in the thumbnail?!

  • Chris Gemmell

    Chris Gemmell

     3 months ago

    Never understood why the presenters get a golden buzzer why dosnt stephen mulhern get one

  • Pete Moss

    Pete Moss

     3 months ago

    I'm in love @ 6:33! (no...not the judge)