UNDERCOVER as TOP SECRET AGENT to Intercept GAME MASTER Mystery Box Package Delivery!! (CAUGHT)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • Help Defeat the GAME MASTER!

    In Stephen Sharer last vlog you saw that his sister Grace Sharer Exploring TOP SECRET Agent Mystery Spy Safe House!! (Game Master Boss Clues Inside) and once inside the Sharer Family siblings woke up to a safe house filled with spy gadgets and snacks. The best spy gadget costume was undercover top secret agent uniforms that would help Steven and grace go undercover to help intercept this game master package that was about to be dropped off. As the sharers went undercover they also got to use a super top secret spy wagon bus car that was a hidden police car toy and got to drive it around the neighborhood to go after and track down and catch this Game Master Boss package delivery person so they can attend the top secret meeting and get more ninja gadgets and GM information to help defeat this #GameMaster person who has been after the Sharer Family!

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