Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
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    Today we're testing out a movie myth of whether or not you can freeze a lock and break it with a can of compressed air. We'll also see how much air is inside of them, what happens when you puncture the can, and what kind of air is inside.

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  • rehan dar

    rehan dar

     an hour ago

    Try to break locks by pouring liquid nitrogen

  • speedwagon


     10 hours ago

    1:07 “are they flammable”
    1:16 “non flammable” time to test, F A L S E A D V E R T I S I N G

  • Ross Brian

    Ross Brian

     13 hours ago

    Lock didn't break because you didn't hit it in the right place, how didn't you know how to do this

  • Nick Povse

    Nick Povse

     14 hours ago

    Can you guys try breaking the lock but with liquid nitrogen?

  • Maxx the Askal

    Maxx the Askal

     18 hours ago

    8:15 thats how tornado form, cold air and hot air combined and it will form a tornado.

  • John John

    John John



  • nubrigol



    Totally had me at 11:15, at least for a second. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

  • BeefJerkyPlaysGames



    Thanks for telling me in the first 20 seconds 👍🏼

  • palash patel

    palash patel


    In 2:29 it is written Non flammable and then they test it

    Me: What ?

  • Jeff Gist

    Jeff Gist

     3 days ago

    I would like to see you try St. John's wart be gone. I think you might get lower temps...

  • Sky 369

    Sky 369

     3 days ago +1

    Store: can i help you?

    Nick and Cally: Do you guys have 1,000 bottles of canned air?

    Store: sure...?

  • Freya Harsin

    Freya Harsin

     4 days ago

    What CAN it do?

  • Nicole Jones

    Nicole Jones

     4 days ago


  • Nicole Jones

    Nicole Jones

     4 days ago

    It says non flamiblebon the bottle at 1:17

  • Lee Hague

    Lee Hague

     4 days ago

    Always a great time!

  • Larissa Lockhart

    Larissa Lockhart

     4 days ago

    Yo are they filming at 3 am?!?

  • jake kloos

    jake kloos

     4 days ago +1

    Put a keyboard in the blender



     5 days ago +3

    nate's thought at 3:47

    why did i decide to work with her



     5 days ago

    can you try break a lock with liquid oxygen

  • Joppe Montezinos

    Joppe Montezinos

     5 days ago

    Plastic lights fire, yeah it diea that😂