What Happens When You Boil The Ocean?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 17, 2017
  • If you took the WATER out of SALT WATER, would it just leave SALT? Today we're finding out!

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  • Alex Zamperetti

    Alex Zamperetti

     6 hours ago

    I miss you dude you will forever be missed

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    Rosmerika Khadka


    Hi we all missed u one day we will be with u 😔😭😭👣😭

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    all these comments saying RIP, dude was a heroin addict get over it faggots

  • Danny Hudack

    Danny Hudack

     2 days ago

    How come every guy on youtube has a hot wife?

  • Eesaa Malik

    Eesaa Malik

     3 days ago +1

    R.I.P 🙏

  • Extreme Tester

    Extreme Tester

     4 days ago

    Almost free salt?

  • Latoya Lynch

    Latoya Lynch

     4 days ago

    You can cook with the sea water too...😊

  • IZappPLayz


     4 days ago +1

    It’s ok Queen Of Random. Hang in there! 😪

  • Wathy Imsong

    Wathy Imsong

     4 days ago

    How did he die??? RIP

  • Doomfireblade 26

    Doomfireblade 26

     5 days ago

    0:14 😭😭💔

  • ellie600


     5 days ago

    Rest In Peace my dude

  • prankster1590


     5 days ago

    You should recrystallize it. Makes it more pure.

  • Adil Nusair

    Adil Nusair

     7 days ago +1

    Why do they always have to put his videos on recommended
    It always breaks my heart

  • Gundam 402

    Gundam 402

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  • Gary Timmons

    Gary Timmons

     7 days ago

    I literally just did this at school today

  • Sean Talas

    Sean Talas

     7 days ago +1

    That’s the normal temperature of the ocean around where I live

  • MjrGenaral. hemp#69420

    MjrGenaral. hemp#69420

     7 days ago

    6:11 this guy made coke

  • MjrGenaral. hemp#69420

    MjrGenaral. hemp#69420

     7 days ago

    did he have a kid?

  • Giann Lim

    Giann Lim

     7 days ago

    You answered a question I didn’t know I wanted answered.

    But still. Love the videos.

  • Giann Lim

    Giann Lim

     7 days ago +1

    You answered a question I didn’t know I wanted answer.