Make Ninja Throwing Star - Saw Blade Ninja Star

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 23, 2017
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    How to make a real Ninja throwing star out of a saw blade with Basic tools

    These Ninja stars are very easy and cheap to make with mainly an angle grinder. The big throwing star was made out of a 14 inch saw blade that was a 1/8 inch thick. The other Ninja stars were made out of old 10 inch saw blades that I had lying around.

    The whole project from start to finish to make a set of 5 ninja stars and a giant ninja throwing star took about 3 to 4 hours.

    This is a great Do it yourself project that will have all your friends outside acting like Ninjas throwing your new stars.
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  • OCEANO Key LargoOutfitters

    OCEANO Key LargoOutfitters

     2 years ago

    I would buy some big ones,

  • OCEANO Key LargoOutfitters

    OCEANO Key LargoOutfitters

     2 years ago

    The big ones are the ones that work in real life



     2 years ago

    Best and

  • Tony Walker

    Tony Walker

     2 years ago

    That last one is a chaos star, see if you can combine a Taichi and chaos in one shaken. It's very special to me.

  • Afro_Soviet


     2 years ago

    music in the video?

  • Fister Lendfiend

    Fister Lendfiend

     2 years ago

    Where do you find a sawblade that big

  • Steven Vandeyar

    Steven Vandeyar

     2 years ago

    Hey quick question.. so I heated my knife cherry red then quenched in oil and oven for 2hrs... idk what went wrong cause the tip is still fragile... any suggestions ?

  • jjjjjoeeeeee


     2 years ago

    love the huge one. all i was thinking when the camera shook was BOOM headshot lol

  • Adam Celadin

    Adam Celadin

     2 years ago

    Good stuff my friend :)) i like the giant one :P

  • Shane Robinson

    Shane Robinson

     2 years ago

    badass dude good stuff .

  • Angel Delgado

    Angel Delgado

     2 years ago

    nice job

  • B ONeal

    B ONeal

     2 years ago

    Nice job!
    Great edit!

  • WollongongWacko


     2 years ago

    you got fucking skills dude, and that was funny at the end.

  • SteelForce Creations

    SteelForce Creations

     2 years ago

    nice broski

  • Sophrosyne


     2 years ago


  • tristy-popstheman


     2 years ago

    nice work bro

  • Spencer T

    Spencer T

     2 years ago

    great vid like always