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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 27, 2016
  • equanimity.

    ((thesaurus people, don't hurt me i mean well. i'm a 'copacetic' and 'simpatico' person i promise))
    also- pigeon documentary if ur curious:
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    I do not own the pigeon documentary. (lol)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D According to the website, you're very "fine and dandy".... nah I'm just gonna use the word "nice". Yeah that's better.
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  • Chinchilla Mango

    Chinchilla Mango

     7 hours ago

    Ub-SEE-QUEE-Us is how I learned it... I did not learn it from the internet lol.
    I like these videos!

  • 초코〚 Minty

    초코〚 Minty

     12 hours ago

    I searched up more words for funny and one of them was Gay I-

  • Sad Kat

    Sad Kat

     13 hours ago


  • Dawn Hoffman

    Dawn Hoffman

     14 hours ago

    Thesaurus gibberish

  • Fusion Bolt

    Fusion Bolt

     18 hours ago

    I've never used thesaurus

  • Meegakarla 1512

    Meegakarla 1512

     23 hours ago

    I’m just the type of person who write complete sentences with capitalized letters and punctuation like nothing and then when I answer “wow, it looks great.” To something gets called out as rude because I don’t talk like anyone else.

  • Jakob Roy

    Jakob Roy

     yesterday +1

    My teachers do talk like that. I’m not aloud to say YEAH! (All I’m aloud to say is yes)

  • iplayzgames owo

    iplayzgames owo

     yesterday +2

    Oh yeahhh were using it for something at school!

  • Preston Fernandes

    Preston Fernandes

     yesterday +1

    This video is so Relatable

  • Matthew Martinez

    Matthew Martinez

     2 days ago +1


  • Dark Blade3006

    Dark Blade3006

     3 days ago +3

    It helps me to avoid conversations and makes me look stupid.

  • Cayla Greenawalt

    Cayla Greenawalt

     4 days ago

    I didn't realize it was so hard for people to talk like that... I feel weird now .

  • Pineapple pen Ojeda

    Pineapple pen Ojeda

     4 days ago

    Ahem penomonoultramicrosohpicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • Daniel Hendricks

    Daniel Hendricks

     4 days ago


  • Jose Villanueva

    Jose Villanueva

     5 days ago

    all that fot pigeons👍

  • Inkmaster Gamer

    Inkmaster Gamer

     5 days ago

    Lackadaisical (lazy or without effort)

  • Inkmaster Gamer

    Inkmaster Gamer

     5 days ago

    Hey Jaiden you were really obsequious as a kid right???

  • Annie Heanga

    Annie Heanga

     5 days ago

    Thank you Jaiden

  • Jacob Acorn

    Jacob Acorn

     5 days ago

    if you have a computer and if you spam 9 it will sound like Jaiden is saying blah blah blah

  • Zadie Perera

    Zadie Perera

     7 days ago

    Oh heck

    My mouth dropped when she linked it to fanfiction I thought I was the only one