The FINAL THREE TROLL Levels Of Super Mario Maker...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • I recently did one of my last viewer level streams of Mario Maker 1 and was rewarded by getting 3 CRAZY GOOD troll levels that I needed to share with you before we move on to Mario Maker 2...hope you enjoy!

    Video was edited by my good friend Low On Life:

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  • DGR


     7 months ago +511

    And that's a wrap folks!! These levels were played on one of my last viewer level streams and I had to share them with you because they were amazing! I can't wait for even more ridiculous trolls in Mario Maker 2!!

  • Arthur Lanzoni Gomes

    Arthur Lanzoni Gomes

     2 days ago

    In Brazil we would say something like "checkpointlandia". That ia something you should learn about portuguese. Hahah

  • WaterLaws


     21 days ago

    When dave says no... I feel that...

  • Owen Landis

    Owen Landis

     21 days ago

    Just saying how do you not have 1 mill subs dude ur vids are sooooooo good! Keep up the GOD work

  • Xander Poggenklaas

    Xander Poggenklaas

     21 days ago

    I like Trolls to

  • unknownkragan unknown kragan

    unknownkragan unknown kragan

     1 months ago

    You died to 🔥 fire ball

  • Dan Hausen

    Dan Hausen

     1 months ago

    Hello from Brasil

  • Matthew Kuiper

    Matthew Kuiper

     1 months ago

    Lol u have such a cute family

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

     1 months ago

    Parkinson be like: 1:03:17.

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

     1 months ago

    Jumpu girl and the Boo Dance of Shame: two losses to mourn in Mario Maker 2.

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

     1 months ago

    I love troll levels, man, I really do.

    Dave the Poet, 2019.
    (count the syllables)

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

     1 months ago

    Leaf me alone, Bowser!

    Dave, 2019.

  • Alyssa Chance

    Alyssa Chance

     1 months ago


  • Mamawerecat


     1 months ago

    45:30 agreed!

  • Jonathan Hennessy

    Jonathan Hennessy

     1 months ago


  • Prince Fox

    Prince Fox

     1 months ago

    Who’s watching this when Mario makes 2 came out

  • Ts- Games

    Ts- Games

     1 months ago

    At 14:14 how did he get through that door with the anime chick?

  • Christy Fonseca

    Christy Fonseca

     1 months ago

    tbh i did not know you had a wife and kids, i saw you had a wife in a diffrent video, but this is the video i've learned you have kids. .-.

  • Anderson Scholmeier

    Anderson Scholmeier

     2 months ago

    Brazilian here, after a zillion vídeos. Nice work, man! Top gamer and a gentleman.

  • Alexander Gunn

    Alexander Gunn

     2 months ago

    What are those lyrics in the chat at 55:37???....