The FINAL THREE TROLL Levels Of Super Mario Maker...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • I recently did one of my last viewer level streams of Mario Maker 1 and was rewarded by getting 3 CRAZY GOOD troll levels that I needed to share with you before we move on to Mario Maker 2...hope you enjoy!

    Video was edited by my good friend Low On Life:

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  • DGR


     5 months ago +501

    And that's a wrap folks!! These levels were played on one of my last viewer level streams and I had to share them with you because they were amazing! I can't wait for even more ridiculous trolls in Mario Maker 2!!

  • Christy Fonseca

    Christy Fonseca

     3 hours ago

    tbh i did not know you had a wife and kids, i saw you had a wife in a diffrent video, but this is the video i've learned you have kids. .-.

  • Anderson Scholmeier

    Anderson Scholmeier

     7 days ago

    Brazilian here, after a zillion vídeos. Nice work, man! Top gamer and a gentleman.

  • Alexander Gunn

    Alexander Gunn

     7 days ago

    What are those lyrics in the chat at 55:37???....

  • Goose Head

    Goose Head

     7 days ago

    12:01 listen closely OOOMPA

  • dhmi_ 83

    dhmi_ 83

     21 days ago

    1:01:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ItzDani


     21 days ago +1

    When you did something wrong and want to blame your brother 1:03:15

  • michael clemons

    michael clemons

     21 days ago



  • Dolam Skudoiski

    Dolam Skudoiski

     21 days ago

    I'm sad that I will never be able to find troll levels easily again

  • dELTA13579111315


     28 days ago

    Hey this was uploaded on my birthday

  • meathrow


     a months ago

    I can't help myself to not leave comments about your children! So adorable! Also I'm so enjoying your videoclips. Thanks!

  • ROARraps


     a months ago

    I had no idea the lyrics were “send me on my way”. I thought it was just gibberish in another language. XD

  • Amer khattab

    Amer khattab

     a months ago

    Love your family bro! Bless them and you:)!

  • Squidy 2.0

    Squidy 2.0

     a months ago

    Me:*sees time* I need popcorn and drinks fast

  • TheTrebleCleff


     a months ago

    44:45 is me when a girl likes me.

  • eunsung kwon

    eunsung kwon

     a months ago

    I got a Cheep Cheep to my face while playing troll levels.

    It stinks (literally).

    Dry joke

  • Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson

     2 months ago

    "I don't know what we did, but we beat it!"

  • Cazz Gaztor

    Cazz Gaztor

     2 months ago

    Thumbs Up For The DGR Fam. 🔔🔛🔔

  • Jordan Bitterman

    Jordan Bitterman

     2 months ago

    my heart cant take this, Dave. ur gonna kill me with ur kids!!!!

  • F0RD


     2 months ago

    1 hour of DGR. Yes please