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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 29, 2018
  • On my last full day in Kolkata, I had some authentic tribal food, more Bengali food, and some fire mutton!

    1:30 Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

    3:28 Darao Pothik Bor

    8:55 Santa's Fantasea

    12:08 Kaafila

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  • Roseemerald Sapphire

    Roseemerald Sapphire

     14 days ago


  • Harry Singh

    Harry Singh

     14 days ago

    These cheap hosts just came to eat 😐🖕

  • Sayan Sinha

    Sayan Sinha

     21 days ago

    I think these rascasl had a fantasy of eating in these 3rd class restaurants that's why they took Mike over there... Other than these there are many worthy restaurants who would have served classic Bengali foods to this legend... Bad Luck Mikey... Next time don't choose these bogus people...

  • Ardeśīra Bandyopādhyāya

    Ardeśīra Bandyopādhyāya

     a months ago

    Ar kothao pele na? Bengali fusion could be tried at the Bohemian. These aren't Bengali but continental.

  • Harmeet Singh Thapar

    Harmeet Singh Thapar

     a months ago

    U look a lot like Jackie chan

  • RFalcon616


     a months ago +1

    Please make solo videos .

  • Abhirup Bera

    Abhirup Bera

     2 months ago

    We put our food inside our mouth
    But this middle guy has gone a step ahead

  • Abhirup Bera

    Abhirup Bera

     2 months ago

    Where is the Mishti Doi

  • Rekha Gupta

    Rekha Gupta

     2 months ago

    The girl, cringy AF

  • Samir K. Dutt

    Samir K. Dutt

     3 months ago

    The desserts are authentically Bengali. The first meal (lunch) is in a multi-cuisine restaurant. The food looks like Indian Chinese. The tribal food (lunch #2) is authentic. The last meal is not Bengali food in any way, shape, or form.

    In short, this is not Bengali food.

  • Samir K. Dutt

    Samir K. Dutt

     3 months ago

    This is not Bengali food AT ALL!

  • Indrakanti Divya teja

    Indrakanti Divya teja

     4 months ago

    What did the other girl do?😒😒😒😒

  • Sai K

    Sai K

     4 months ago

    Spicy is not hot.

    Spicy is different what she meant was hot. Smh

  • Manvith Penklagar

    Manvith Penklagar

     4 months ago

    Strictly dumping: there is the smoke on the mouth, I love the presentation but it’s a driest fish i ever had India.

    Girl: umm continue eating 😆

  • Core TEch EntertainmenT

    Core TEch EntertainmenT

     6 months ago

    Your friend is generalising north India as whole of India as he was saying just chicken and mutton are generally available in india. What kind of meat do u need man,come to southern part of India especially to Kerala. What do u need beef,pork,rabbit you just name it man you will get whole of India in Kerala

  • Ayush Sen

    Ayush Sen

     6 months ago

    Rip english

  • Sayan Sinha

    Sayan Sinha

     6 months ago

    These filthy guys nearly ruined the show

  • Amaryllis Starsun

    Amaryllis Starsun

     6 months ago +1

    the sweet shop! thats right where i live!!!😃

  • Spoorthy Myneni

    Spoorthy Myneni

     6 months ago

    Wish he had gotten to eat a typical bengali thali and a south indian thali through he trip.. Glad he got to eat Konkani food at least.

  • Mango Fango

    Mango Fango

     6 months ago

    Bad choice of hosts. He and his girl are absolutely clueless, taking him to places that don't even deserve a mention.