Doggo & Neo Tilted | The Squad (Original Fortnite Animation)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • Tanner (Bunker Jonesey), Roach (Stratus), Rox, and Vega explore Neo Tilted on the new Fortnite Battle Royale map in this funny animation. They come across large buildings, and conflict with Plague, Doggo, Vendetta, and Bao Bros Dumpling Skin. They also find the Polar Peak monster! Good thing Roach picked up a Storm Flip!

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    Doggo & Neo Tilted | The Squad (Original Fortnite Animation)
    --------------- ----------------- -------------------- ---------------
    The Squad is created by Chris Durgin
    Tanner - Jonah Rashid
    Roach - Austin Cook
    Anya-Marianne Daugherty
    Caroline-Rebekah Amber Clark
    Anime Guy- Stephen Pena
    Squad Leader- Kyotosomo
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  • ArcadeCloud


     4 months ago +481

    We heard you wanted more of the Squad. Press F to pet the Doggo!

  • Founder of potatoes

    Founder of potatoes

     10 hours ago +1

    Why are the doggos attacking

  • neddiemoralesj




  • Mega Random Master

    Mega Random Master

     28 days ago

    Please go away Roach. He killed Doggo. No one kills Doggo.

  • Lucas Zheng

    Lucas Zheng

     2 months ago

    make a video that has lot kabomb

  • Alma Barraza

    Alma Barraza

     2 months ago


  • Random Awesomeness

    Random Awesomeness

     2 months ago

    I did the math, and in season 9, the year was actually 2027.

  • The Parrish Show

    The Parrish Show

     2 months ago

    You forgot to put the castle on it’s back

    Edit: the description said that they encountered the Polar Peak monster

  • Jose Norella

    Jose Norella

     2 months ago

    The next video pls make them go to tilted town season X

  • Kelvin Lyew

    Kelvin Lyew

     2 months ago +1

    Some Dude: Do u no why they call me plague?
    Bunker Tanner: Cause your a plague DOCTOR.
    Plague Doctor: No that's I um eem eh sh*t.

  • omega Sayin

    omega Sayin

     3 months ago

    Burst sng is trash

  • ROBLOXFAN 5643

    ROBLOXFAN 5643

     3 months ago

    1:23 What is this? Ew no

  • Undertale gaster

    Undertale gaster

     3 months ago

    and when tanner threw to flint knock pistol out the window it got vaulted in season x aka season 10

  • Kermit da Frog

    Kermit da Frog

     3 months ago

    The voice crack he had

  • Smof6


     3 months ago



  • Why does this channel exist -

    Why does this channel exist -

     3 months ago

    The last thing I'll see is my 2 other Trios members in a brute leaving me behind

  • Llamaboy200


     3 months ago

    Fish sticks lol he got a business now good days

  • Izet Osmani

    Izet Osmani

     3 months ago +1

    The duel pistols were vaulted. 😑

  • Stay Frosty

    Stay Frosty

     3 months ago

    You killed doggo

  • Marialinda Bastone

    Marialinda Bastone

     3 months ago

    Lpkbg! Gh